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Toast + Avero

Toast and Avero: Empowering Restaurateurs to Run More Profitable Businesses

Toast and Avero are joining forces to deliver a powerful solution to restaurant operators like you so you’ll have the answers you need to get out of the back office and back to doing what really matters: spending time with your guests, food, staff, and family.

With Avero being integrated with your Toast POS system, you can access our full suite of solutions ranging from server performance tracking, to inventory management, labor and food cost tracking, revenue management, and more!


Sales & Productivity 

  • Increase sales of signature items through Avero’s automated contest reporting
  • Understand trends and prepare for the day ahead with built in weather and events data
  • Save time communicating across teams and shifts with a fully customizable logbook
  • Access data for multiple businesses anywhere, anytime as a multi-unit operator

Food Cost Management 

  • Eliminate guesswork when you place orders with Avero’s accurate, predictive sales forecasting
  • Streamline your inventory process by eliminating tedious data entry and paperwork
  • Know how much money you’ll make on new dishes or drinks before putting them on the menu

Service Team

  • Turn your weakest servers into rock stars through targeted sales category training
  • Easily identify how your top servers are making you money and, more importantly, where your bottom performers have opportunities to improve
  • Drive revenue in the restaurant through regular employee sales training and tracking

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