Your menu is your welcome mat. Give yours a makeover.

Download these 17 free, customizable, and print-ready menu templates to update your restaurant's menu and refresh your restaurant brand.

What's Inside?

  • Fine Dining Menus
  • Brunch Menus
  • Holiday Menus
  • Cocktail Bar Menus
  • Brewery Menus
  • Family Restaurant Menus

Use these Restaurant Menu Templates to refresh your menu

Do you look at your restaurant menu and think it could use an update? Have you ever tried to give your restaurant menu a refresh? If you're not a designer, and you have nothing to work off of, it's not so easy.

That's where our free menu templates come in. We've created 17 new restaurant menu templates that adhere to the best practices of menu design and menu engineering.

Download these restaurant menu template Powerpoint files, and use them as a starting point for your restaurant menu design.

Change the colors, change the logos, change the fonts — these menus are meant to be messed with. For each of these types of menus, there's 2-5 different templates for you to choose from and customize.