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Toast Satisfies Drink's Thirst for a High-Volume Bar POS System


With a dynamic menu that changes with every guest, Drink's bartenders look to technology to help them deliver a top notch experience every time.

At Drink, the award-winning bar from The Barbara Lynch Gruppo, you'll find no menus or large dining room tables. Instead, you're greeted by a bartender who, based on the conversation you have, recommends a custom-crafted cocktail specifically catered to your tastes.

"Everything is designed to let the guest discover and search for what they want through the bartender's suggestions and guidance", explains Ezra Star, General Manager at Drink.

What makes Drink so unique in their approach can also be a challenge from a technology perspective. For Ezra, Toast has been the solution.

No Menu, No Problem

Ezra found Toast's cloud-based menu management to be the right technology to support Drink's creative style.

"Our previous point of sale system was very static," she says. "Because of our unique liquor program, we needed to have a POS system that can allow us to change as we change. Toast has allowed us to quickly change things. We have the ability to put liquors into categories so the staff can be educated about the different options when ringing in drinks for guests."

With a dynamic menu that changes with every guest, Drink's bartenders look to technology to help them deliver a top-notch experience every time. 

"I wanted a POS system that allowed us to put the recipes into the computer," Ezra says. "We have over 2,000 recipes as our base so we needed a reference point that was easily accessible. When we ring in a drink, if you can't remember the recipe you can pull it up in Toast as a quick reminder."

Credit Card PreAuthorization 

For a high-volume bar, the ability to open a tab and immediately return the credit card to the guest is a better experience for both the guest and the business. Toast supports credit card preauthorization, which securely saves the guest's information as their bar tab and verifies that the card is real.

"We can't physically hold onto credit cards because there are so many people and two terminals," Ezra explains. "Credit card preauthorization with Toast allows us to hold the guest information without keeping their physical card. Any of the bartenders can find the tab and close it out without requiring the guest to hunt down their credit card or running the risk of us losing their card." 

This feature is especially important on those late weekend nights.

"Preauthorization is wonderful for times when a guest has a little too much fun and walks out on a tab or a large group. It gives us more security," Ezra says.

Technology for a Busy Bar 

Toast is built exclusively for foodservice and hospitality. This gives Ezra's team the flexibility to work in a busy bar setting where things are constantly changing.

"When we get really busy, we're able to hold multiple tabs open throughout the restaurant," Ezra says. "Guests don't stay at one bar, they move from space to space. With Toast, a guest can open a tab at any of our three bars and any bartender can enter information for them. As a manager, I can see who's ringing in things individually on the back end, even though it's a shared experience among the entire team."

Overall, Toast gets out of the way and allows the Drink staff to deliver the best-in-class experience that they're known for delivering. 

"Toast makes my life a lot easier," Ezra says, "It allows my team to do their job more effectively and I have less to worry about."