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Toast Tap™

Built for speed, this three-in-one payment processing device allows guests to tap, dip or swipe when paying for their order.

Toast Tap™


Tap phones or credit cards and process payments in under one second.



Dip credit cards to process payments in under two seconds.



Easily swipe credit cards or gift cards.

Choose the Toast Tap™ that best fits your restaurant

Toast Tap™ on Counter

Toast Tap™ (On Counter)

  • Sturdy, so it won't slide on the counter.
  • Pair it with any Toast Flex or Elo terminal.
  • Fast and easy guest payment experience.
Toast Tap™ on Counter

Toast Tap™ (Direct Attach)

  • Attach it to the side of Toast Flex or Elo terminal.
  • Easy for your staff to quickly process guest payments.
  • Sturdy, so it can handle some bumps and bangs.

Toast Tap™ Product Details

3-in-1 payment processing (NFC, EMV, and MSR)

Protects from chargebacks when EMV is enabled


11.8 x 3.8 x 6.8 cm for Toast Tap™ (Direct Attach)

Standard cables and ports (USB-A to Micro USB cable or Micro USB to Micro USB)

Colored lighting indicates payment transactions (approved, pending, rejected)


8 x 8 x 5 cm for Toast Tap™ (On Counter)

Case protects from drops, bumps, and spills

Heavy adhesive structures sticks on counters for Toast Tap™ (On Counter)

Success Stories

Why Restaurateurs Choose Toast

"When you have your credit card and you see Toast Tap™ there, you just simply tap it and you’re good to go!”

Brad Tinkham
General Manager

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Club Cafe
"If I were talking to another restaurateur, I would definitely tell them to get on board with the new Toast Hardware. Toast Hardware helps with productivity, saves time, and allows you to serve more customers. Quite frankly, it's just easy to use."

Michael Goodis

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Toast Hardware Suite

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