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Untamed Sandwiches Drives Additional $1,000 Per Week With Toast Online Ordering Integrations

See how Untamed Sandwiches has increased efficiency and opened new channels of revenue since partnering with Toast.

"An extremely beneficial feature of Toast is the tip prompts. Since we started using this feature, our tip amounts across our locations have doubled."

Andy Jacobi

Co-Founder and Owner

Ever since its doors opened in January 2014, Untamed Sandwiches has been feeding high-quality salads and sandwiches to the busy people of New York across four locations. Through their popular five-day braising process, their customers can enjoy slow-cooked, sustainably sourced meat in a fast casual setting.

"We source all of our produce locally," says Andy Jacobi, co-founder of Untamed Sandwiches. "We make sure that we only use 100% grass-fed beef and lamb, and 100% free range chicken in our dishes."

Moving to Toast from a Legacy Point of Sale System

Jacobi and his team initially chose Digital Dining as the point of sale system to support his then one-location company. However, as Jacobi saw his restaurant grow and plans for expansion were brought up, he feared that a legacy system would not be able to grow alongside it.

“We're similar to other growing fast casual concepts. We focus a lot on technology, integrations, as well as delivery and pick up options," says Andy. “We decided that we wanted to find a cloud-based POS system that would be as flexible and data-driven as possible. Non-cloud POS systems seemed to be falling behind in these regards.” 

After narrowing down the list of potential cloud-based vendors, Jacobi and his team chose Toast.

“Toast seemed to be the furthest along, operationally, compared to other cloud-based systems.” says Andy. “With the other systems, we always had to make a trade off. We could get great analytics features but have to give up another feature. Toast seemed to have the most operational flexibility as well as the most focus on iterating the product.”

"An extremely beneficial feature of Toast is the tip prompts. Since we started using this feature, our tip amounts across our locations have doubled."

Andy Jacobi

Co-Founder and Owner

Driving Online Ordering Revenue Through API Integration

To drive more channels of revenue for his business, Andy utilizes Toast Online Ordering as well as Toast’s integration with Checkmate. This integration allows Jacobi to have all of his third-party online orders flow through one POS system, along with any orders made on Toast Online Ordering. This has enabled Jacobi and his team to use many different delivery and pickup sites to drive their top line.

“Before using Toast and Checkmate, we actually narrowed down our list of third- party sites, since each additional site meant another process for us to implement,” explains Andy.

This resulted in lower value-driving sites not being utilized, and incremental revenue being lost.

“If a site was only going to bring us $100 a week in revenue, it didn’t seem worth it to teach our staff a whole new process to build into their muscle memory.”

With Toast, there are no longer barriers on the number of sites to use, as the integration can funnel all online sites into a single process within the POS system.

“Today, we work with an average of five third-parties at each location, and online orders make up about 16% of all of our orders,” states Andy.

With more channels of orders comes incremental revenue that builds up, which Andy has definitely experienced.

“We are driving about $1000 more in revenue per week from online orders. It’s a pretty significant part of our top line.”

Using Toast's Loyalty Program to Enable Effective Email Marketing

“Something we really love about Toast is the loyalty program, which we’ve tied to our email marketing,” explains Andy.

The Untamed Sandwiches team uses the loyalty program as the primary method to build their email subscriber list. Doing so has resulted in a much more engaged email list, as every person on it is a customer of Untamed Sandwiches.

“In the past, we would collect emails through our website. The problem with that was that we had no idea if someone who signed up for our emails lived halfway around the world,” says Andy.

“The beauty of being able to tie these two things together – email marketing and loyalty – is that we really know who our customers are. We can segment our loyalty list and and track what types of promotions work with which types of customers,” says Andy.

With such an effective program under his belt, Andy and his team have watched their email subscriber list grow dramatically in recent years.

“Since we started using the loyalty program to collect emails, our subscriber list has grown from about 1,000 people to over 10,000,” shares Andy.

Finding a Sturdy Partner in Toast

In the end, Andy needed a POS system that was more than just a piece of hardware - he needed a partner to support him and his business.

“We needed a system that would be the backbone of our restaurant technology and support our growth,” says Andy. “Toast really is thinking ahead of the old school systems, and is much more flexible than other cloud-based systems. Our staff really appreciate how technologically seamless it is.”

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