Toast Go® 2: Faster, Stronger, Safer

Are you a Toast customer who is new to handhelds? Buy Toast Go® 2 instantly in the Toast Shop 

Toast Go® 2 is designed to help you adapt to changing guest expectations, new regulations, and evolving staffing needs. 

Take contactless payments, streamline your ordering, and keep service hustling. The next generation of our handheld POS is ready for inside, outside, drive-through, curbside and more.

Add Toast Go® 2 and get $60 off hardware with our customer discount $389 + $50 per month

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Serve guests faster, no matter your model.

  • Contactless payment
    Give your guests piece of mind by allowing them to pay without their credit card leaving their hands

  • All-day battery
    Power through doubles - Toast Go® 2 holds its charge up to 24 hours

  • Lightning fast
    Processing speed up to 3X faster than Toast Go®

These are lightning fast and so easy to use. Our guests love being able to use Apple Pay right at the table!

Alexa Maddock

Server | TownHall - Cleveland, OH

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More ways to pay

  • Give guests the convenience of contactless tap payments with cards and digital wallets, alongside chip or swipe
  • Accept Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, and Samsung Pay®
  • Deliver a seamless no-contact dining experience with none of the unwanted awkwardness

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Deliver faster, safer service while ready to pivot on the fly

  • Take orders and payments anywhere in the restaurant
  • Streamline takeout with curbside payments
  • Servers get alerts from Toast KDS when orders are ready

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Sleek and slim, tucks easily into your back pocket or apron

  • The POS that fits in the palm of your hand
  • Weighs just over a pound so you can stay light on your feet
  • 6.4 inch touchscreen is easy to view indoors and out