Allow your diners to use contactless payment

As we navigate the challenges of COVID-19 together, we want to ensure you have the tools and resources to keep your team healthy and to protect your guests. 

Toast Tap is a contactless payment device that supports NFC, EMV, and MSR credit card payments. Toast Tap allows your guests to choose how they want to pay and processes payment faster so you can serve more guests.

† Get 20% off your Toast Tap reader when you order by June 30, 2020. Regularly priced at $149.

Order a Toast Tap Contactless Reader for $119†

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We have a lot of customers that don’t bring anything with them but their phones and they always pop in and ask if they can use Apple Pay or other mobile wallets. We now have that option to accept contactless, and we are broadening who can come in as a result!

Paige Stanley

Blackbird Donuts

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Empower guests to easily pay however they want.

  • Toast Tap allows guests to pay however is most convenient for them, whether that's with Apple Pay, digital wallets or physical credit card (tap, dip, and swipe). 


Process guest payments faster.

  • Toast Tap processes payments faster with tap, dip and swipe technology so you can shorten lines and reduce wait times to drive more revenue. Toast Tap processes tap payments in under 1 second!


Durable, commercial-grade hardware built to withstand the rigors of your restaurant.

  • Toast Tap's durable case protects it from bumps and spills and its sleek design looks great in any restaurant.
  • Toast Tap is available in two modalities: on-counter and as a direct attach to your Toast Terminal.