Keep guests engaged and informed with Toast Marketing.

The next few months will bring a lot of uncertainty for restaurants and guests. Keep guests informed of safety measures, provide an update on hours of operation, and remind them you need their support during difficult times. 

Toast Marketing is a fully integrated email marketing solution designed specifically for restaurants. Drive repeat visits, increase revenue, and improve customer loyalty through segmented emails and automated drip campaigns. 

Toast Marketing is $75/month for your flagship location and $10/month for additional locations.

Add Email Marketing to your Toast Suite for $75 per Month

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What's unique about Toast Marketing?

  • Integrated
    Toast Marketing is directly integrated into Toast, so you don’t have to export guest data to a third-party email service provider.
  • Automated
    With a few clicks, set up automated campaigns to welcome new guests, reward regulars, and entice guests to come back.
  • Targeted
    Easily send messages to guests based on visit and purchase history.
  • Measurable
    Measure campaigns with robust open rate and click through reporting.