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How Moonie's Burger House Cultivates a Community with Toast

Stuart Ward, owner of Moonie’s Burger House in Cedar Park, TX, took over the first of three Moonie's locations in 2014 and has championed running the local family business ever since. Moonie’s is known for creative, award-winning gourmet burgers like the "Blue Moon" and "Enchiladas on a Bun."

The counter-service burger joint is situated in a rapidly-growing suburb. Stuart reports that they chose Toast to complement the continuous innovation of the menu with a modern technology upgrade. 

Empowered Ownership with Data at Your Fingertips

Stuart has taken full advantage of Toast’s backend reporting capabilities, leveraging the sales and labor reports to drive business decisions. He can monitor how well those crazy burgers are selling and dive deeper into the analytics right from his fingertips.

“Toast’s cloud-based platform makes data analysis so easy,” says Stuart. “I check in every day and can even see the restaurant’s performance on my phone. I look at my menu breakdown to track how well different burgers sell during different times of the year."

Stuart also uses sales data to determine efficient staffing.

“I take advantage of sales data to do all my staffing because I have the data in real time. I can use the labor percentage metric to determine how many staff members I need during different shifts,” he says.

"I can easily pull up our most loyal customers and see that they have spent $1,200 at our restaurant this year and have redeemed all those rewards! We have 3,000 rewards accounts who love it and even have a customer who has redeemed twelve free burgers"

Stuart Ward


50% More Face Time with Customers with Online Ordering

It's common at Moonie's for orders to be placed ahead of time. Toast's online ordering has significantly streamlined their operations at the counter by getting the staff off the phones.

“My staff was complaining that the phone was ringing off the hook and impacting the in-person experience,” Stuart remembers. “It was a nightmare. One of our two cashiers was always on the phone. We talked about eliminating phone orders on certain days, but that made customers upset. Toast online ordering has been our solution to that problem.”

Since launching their Toast online ordering page, Moonie’s has not only seen an uptick in the amount of orders placed online but it has also experienced a major improvement in order accuracy. The integrated platform sends online orders directly to the kitchen and avoids errors in communication from the front-of-house to back-of-house.

“Now that we have online ordering, 50% of our takeout orders come through online and directly to the kitchen. It’s much easier on our staff. We went from 150 calls to just 80 calls per week,” Stuart says.

Increased Adoption with Integrated Customer Loyalty

Toast’s loyalty module is integrated into the POS system which makes it easy for guests to sign up as they complete their payment at Moonie’s Burger House. The loyalty program enables guests to track their points and see their progress towards their next reward.

Acknowledging diners’ loyalty and offering relevant rewards has been highly beneficial for Moonie’s to cultivate a community and incentivize guests to return.

“My colleagues who have struggled with adoption of loyalty programs in the past are really impressed with Toast’s loyalty module,” Stuart says. “I can easily pull up our most loyal customers and see that they have spent $1,200 at our restaurant this year and have redeemed all those rewards!

Having a loyalty program integrated into the POS system really improves adoption. We have 3,000 rewards accounts who love it. We even have a customer who has redeemed twelve free burgers."

Because Moonie's restaurant loyalty program is built into his POS system, Stuart owns the customer data and can seamlessly manage relationships with his customers in-store and online.

“There’s so much more we can do with Toast’s loyalty program. I have complete access to the customer database and it’s super easy for us to use,” he says. "I talked to colleagues who've used other loyalty apps but they found them too expensive and didn’t feel like they were worth it. The other apps say that it’s so easy to send emails to your customer base but it’s so hard to get those emails in the first place."

Reduce Training Time With Easy and Intuitive Platform

Stuart says that his staff finds Toast’s interface intuitive and easy to learn, cutting down on the time it takes for new hires to get onboarded. The platform makes it easy for them to make quick edits and menu changes across the board.

“Toast is so easy that new hires who have only been here for two hours are already taking orders without even gaining full familiarity with the menu yet,” says Stuart.

Toast’s phone and email support accompanied by a huge amount of online training material have helped prepare the restaurant’s staff for a variety of scenarios.

“The Toast Training Center videos and tutorials are very helpful for me and my team,” expresses Stuart.

Toast has enabled Stuart and Moonie’s Burger House to improve staff efficiency and grow sales from repeat customers with the adoption of remote analytics, online ordering, and the loyalty program.

“I would definitely recommend Toast. They have been continuously making improvements and are always transparent with what’s going on," says Stuart.

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