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Gogo's Greek Grill Crushes the Lunch Rush with Toast All-in-One POS System

Customers at Gogo’s Greek Grill expect fresh and healthy Mediterranean food - fast. The lunchtime hotspot is popular among 9-to-5ers who are always on their way to the next meeting. Efficiency is crucial.

“We do 75% of our business at lunch and nearly 100 deliveries every weekday” says Gogo’s owner Greg Anastasas. “Our challenge is that everyone wants to eat at the same time.”

Greg set out to find restaurant technology that would help GoGo’s better manage the lunch rush and increase sales in the evening. Takeout, delivery, and online ordering had to be seamless.

Integrated Online Ordering Reduces Errors and Costs

GoGo’s uses Toast's online ordering to better manage the lunch rush. Greg says that by streamlining the ordering proces, he is able to increase efficiency and reduce labor costs.

“It’s key to have online ordering tied in to the point of sale,” he says. “It eliminates the mistakes that are inevitably made when we punch in the orders manually. When the caller says ‘six pitas’ and I hear ‘steak pita,’ it costs time and money and really aggravates the customer.”

Integrated online ordering has also enabled Greg to be smarter about staffing.

“We used to need 3.5 people to run takeout during the lunch rush - two on the phone, one bagging, and one more answering overflow calls,” Greg remembers. “Now that 50% of takeout orders come in online, we only need one person on the phone and bagging with one person to run interference. We went from needing three people on takeout to just one during our busiest times.”

By driving customers to their online site, Greg argues that GoGo’s also makes more revenue.

“When people call and get a busy signal, they don’t call back,” he says. “When they go online, they can place their order regardless of if our phone lines are tied up. We lock in those customers that would otherwise go somewhere else for lunch.”

Data-Driven Delivery

Gogo’s website promises customers a speedy delivery in the Tampa area - and Greg is determined to - well, deliver.

With drivers dispatched around Tampa, it’s easy to lose track of orders and keep control over the customer experience.

“With my old POS, I couldn’t get accurate delivery times because the tabs wouldn’t close until the drivers clocked out at 4pm,” Greg remembers. “I couldn’t get any data about how long deliveries were taking and what type of volume the drivers could handle.”

Greg specifically looked for technology that would help him measure the efficiency of his delivery staff.

“Toast’s built-in delivery dispatching allows me to better manage our drivers,” says Greg.

“When a delivery order comes in, I can easily find it and dispatch it to a driver. It’s marked “en-route” until the driver returns. Our goal is to have “phone-to-delivery” in 45 minutes. With Toast I know how long it’s taking to fulfill deliveries in real time.”

“I can’t be here 24/7”

By analyzing inefficiencies in the takeout and delivery processes, Greg’s able to maximize labor and profit.

“I need to have access to data that informs us how to cut costs and maximize profit. Toast gives me a great deal of detail,” Greg says. “I can easily share the data with my managers and staff so they can be better prepared.”

Toast’s real-time reporting has given Greg the ability to take a step back from the restaurant.

“I can’t be here 24/7,” Greg says. “I used to have my managers send me hourly text updates with our sales numbers. With Toast, I have immediate visibility. I can log in, see who's punched in, who’s on takeout, and what our delivery times are right now.”

In the end, Gogo’s Greek Grill invested in efficiency. Toast helped Greg streamline the lunch rush by consolidating online ordering and giving him visibility into delivery orders.

"It’s key to have online ordering tied in to the point of sale. We went from needing 3 people on takeout to just one during our busiest times.”

Greg Anastasas


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