Toast POS vs. iPad POS [Comparison]

Are you considering purchasing an iPad POS system like Revel Systems or TouchBistro?
Below are the advantages of using a Toast POS compared to an iPad POS system.


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So you’ve decided to buy a new restaurant POS system.

The question is: Does an iPad POS system or an Android POS system better support the needs of your business?

Below, you’ll find information that will help you compare Toast and iPad POS systems like Revel Systems and TouchBistro, including features, pricing, customer support and reasons why from current Toast customers made the decision they did.

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1) Toast is built for restaurant owners.

When Toast started in 2011, we knew we wanted to focus specifically on the restaurant industry  to do one thing, and to do it well.

We never wanted to expand into other industries, because we know that a lack of focus leads to a lack of execution.

Revel, on the other hand, aims to service both the foodservice and retail industry. TouchBistro is built for restaurants, but is strictly a POS system, with no revenue-driving features like online ordering, loyalty programs, or digital gift cards.

Toast is an all-in-one restaurant POS and restaurant management system. Every feature we publish makes a big deal to restaurants. Anything that improves your workflows is a success in our book.

While Revel is broadening their focus, they may not be as concentrated on building those seemingly essential features for the restaurant industry, even if those features make a big difference to the people who rely on the system night and day. TouchBistro shares payment features with Toast — such as pay-at-the-table and splitting checks — but doesn’t back-end reporting built in.



We built Toast to look and feel like an extension of your restaurant. When a server logs in, they see a simple menu and can pick and choose items quickly and easily.

But on top of that, we added awesome features like quick menu modifications, tableside ordering and payments, real-time sales and labor reporting, and a powerful restaurant customer database -- all in the core POS system.

And if you ever want to enhance Toast beyond the core restaurant POS, you can do that with any of our revenue-driving modules:

Online Ordering  |  Loyalty Program  |  Gift Cards  |  Menu Software

"Toast has made it so easy for us to see what items are performing well and what items are performing poorly and that is really the key to running a successful restaurant business - actually knowing what your sales are, what’s working, and what’s not."
- Irene Li, Mei Mei

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2) Toast’s Android hardware is adaptable to your needs.

Ah, the old debate: Android vs. Apple.

While both are acceptable phone options, only one is suitable for the restaurant environment.

The normal daily demand of your restaurant’s terminals, tablets, and kitchen display system is stressful and requires reliable hardware. Android hardware has been proven to withstand the heat of a kitchen environment and is durable enough to handle drops and spilled drinks.

If you want an affordable, flexible, and fast operating system for your restaurant technology, Android is the answer. Why?

1. Built for Restaurants

Many Android device manufacturers, such as Elo, specialize in developing restaurant POS hardware built to handle the rigors of the restaurant environment.

2. More Tablet and Hardware Options

Because Android is an open operating system, there are more hardware vendors and tablet sizes to choose from; you’re not beholden to Apple. Terminals can be 10”, 15” and 22” and handheld tablets can be as low as 8”. The possibilities are endless!

3. Affordable Hardware Pricing

Android tablets are more affordable than their Apple counterparts, both upon first installation and when replacing devices that are dropped and broken. Plus, they’re more durable and have a longer warranty.

Finally, you may be worried that you’re sacrificing the sleek design of an Apple product for something less than gorgeous for your restaurant. Check out these pictures and see if that’s still the case:

android pos hardware

For more info on Android vs. iPad POS systems, check out this infographic >

“iOS products are really cool looking computers, but they’re not customizable at all. Android-based systems are highly customizable, which I think is important when running a business. Every one of our employees is an Apple user, but all of them easily figured out how to use and customize Toast.”

- Will Goodwin, Spoken Cafe

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3) Toast is committed to providing expert personal support.pos-support

A large part of our mission here at Toast is transparency and doing right by our customers. Your success is our success. We’re not a technology vendor, we’re a partner  and we’re with you every step of the way.

Restaurant owners often regret choosing a point of sale on features alone, rather than on the company’s ability to offer expert support, installation, and training, and offer them at a transparent rate.

Companies can be fuzzy on installation costs, and then slam you with hidden services fees. Others do not even offer on-site services, forcing you to spend hours on the phone for implementation and training.

This is the opposite of how we do business at Toast. We’re transparent on costs every step of the way, and we follow through on our promises  to go above and beyond to make sure customers are successful and have a positive experience with our system.

We make contacting support easy — just call the support line or email — and also empower restaurant teams to train on their own time with the Customer Training Center.

That’s all free.

We are also there for installation, services, on-site support — whatever you need to be a happy customer.



“I have no qualms in saying that Toast’s commitment to user satisfaction and practical customer service is unmatched in the industry.”
- Julie Titterington, Merchant Maverick

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4) Toast lets you customize your setup anytime, anywhere.

From full service and quick service to cafes and nightclubs, every restaurant is different.

We believe that there is not one end-all be-all solution for every restaurant.

That’s why Toast allows customers to customize their setup completely, from the various types of hardware to the exact front of house and back of house workflows.

For example, with Toast’s Android tablets, restaurant owners have flexibility when it comes to form factors. That means they can choose 8”, 10”, 15”, or 22” tablets depending on their restaurant needs.

What’s more, Toast empowers restaurant owners to make changes on the fly.

You do not need to be in the back office. You do not need an on-site IT technician to visit your location. You do not need to pause service as you sync your systems.

All you need to do is press “update.”

Here’s a taste of what you can do in an instant:  

Easy menu modifications

In the restaurant environment, we know that a situation can change very quickly; your staff needs to be adaptable. Toast's Quick Edit Mode allows staff members with the appropriate permissions to quickly make changes from any tablet that sync across all of them, without having to reboot the system. 

Comment on an order

Toast employees and managers can comment on specific orders or checks, effectively keeping a "log" of all orders. If a server needs to void an item, they can create a comment and share why. 

Automate your restaurant workflows

Have your orders go directly to the kitchen display system, with notifications on the server side when they're ready so your front of house and back of house communicate efficiently. In fact, why even separate them? It’s time for a “one-house” system.

“I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that our servers are focused on interacting tableside. With Toast, it’s so much faster to do things like change the price of a menu item or edit modifiers and that it really does free up staff to focus on the service. Because the Toast system is so sharp, the entire staff is more dedicated to serving the guests.”
- Ben Kaplan, Director of Operations, Barbara Lynch Gruppo

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5) Toast will more than pay for itself.

We believe that restaurant software should be affordable for all restaurants, whether you’re a small brick-and-mortar or a multi-location chain.

Unfortunately, iPad POS systems cost an arm and a leg.  

We believe that the value you’ll get from Toast, however, far outweighs the cost.

And thousands of happy restaurateurs agree. If our restaurant POS features can save your team just five hours per month, then Toast will more than pay for itself.

When you're evaluating several different restaurant POS quotes, it's hard to stay focused on what matters. That's why we want to share this handy worksheet you can use to evaluate POS pricing, including questions you should ask your POS vendor that might make a difference to your bottom line.

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"Toast is the best investment I’ve ever made. I’ve saved thousands of dollars on food costs by being able to track my inventory better and removing the menu items that are a drag on my bottom line. The fact that I can update my menu in Toast and it automatically updates my online ordering has probably saved me five to six hours a week."

Here are a few more reasons to switch…

We hope this comparison guide was useful to you.

Making the switch is easy; you can get your whole restaurant set up on Toast as soon as possible. 

To sign up for your free, no-risk demo, just click here. 

If you're not ready for a demo, check out what current Toast customers have to say. We work hard to get to know all of them. One of the things we always ask is: why did you sign up for Toast?

Many happy customers have switched from iPad POS systems. Here are their thoughts:

"The Toast system is very intuitive to what we need. It was able to reduce the number of inputs that a cashier had to put in, adding up to a quicker dining experience within the restaurant. It was also very fast for training. Because it’s simpler and quicker, our employees were able to pick it up in less time than they were for our previous system."

- Jeff Jacobson, Costa Vida COO


My advice to anyone opening a restaurant and trying to choose a POS is to make sure the people who work at the company you’re using are people you trust and are communicative. That’s one of the best parts of working with Toast. The customer service is awesome, and we’ve always gotten all the help we need generating reports."

- Irene Li, Mei Mei Restaurant


"Before Toast, I'd never had my expectations completely met when it came to the type of support we received. The level of ownership that Toast has taken over our success is something I've never seen from any other restaurant technology company."  

– Ben Kaplan, Director of Operations