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By: Megan Wenzl December 15, 2017

4 Distinct Restaurant Themes (And What Customers Think of Them)

Restaurant Marketing

Deciding on the perfect restaurant theme is no small task. It takes a careful blend of creativity, planning, and..

7 minute read
By: AJ Beltis December 13, 2017

Tip Pooling: What It Is & Why Restaurant Workers Are Not Happy

Industry News & Trends  |  Restaurant Training & Hiring

Restaurant tip pooling has been making industry headlines since it was announced the Trump administration was..

7 minute read
By: Jackie Sabol December 12, 2017

How to Write Amazing Menu Descriptions: 4 Quick Fixes

Menu Management

Menus are tough to write. But when done well, amazing menu descriptions can have a positive impact on your..

4 minute read
By: Nik Kreinberg December 10, 2017

Why Restaurants Are Dumping Third-Party Food Delivery Services

Industry News & Trends  |  Restaurant Technology

We all know the demand for delivery is on the rise. Delivery trends hone in on convenience – something often sought..

4 minute read
By: Rich Lansdale December 9, 2017

10 Easy-to-Implement Restaurant Kitchen Safety Tips

Restaurant Training & Hiring

Workplace injury and illness cost restaurant owners millions of dollars annually in compensation and productivity;..

5 minute read