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By: AJ Beltis March 17, 2018

Restaurant Customer Acquisition Cost: How to Calculate (and Lower) It

Restaurant Marketing  |  Restaurant Metrics

In a country with one million restaurants and growing, it's equal parts difficult and expensive to acquire new..

8 minute read
By: Derek Stangle February 26, 2018

Food Prices Rising in 2018: How Your Restaurant Can Stay Ahead

Industry News & Trends  |  Restaurant Metrics

2017 was a good year for restaurant owners.

Now that we're almost two months into the new year, can we expect the..

6 minute read
By: Allie Tetreault February 16, 2018

How to Calculate Restaurant Labor Cost Percentage [Free Calculator]

Restaurant Metrics

Labor cost percentage. It’s one of the most important restaurant metrics to keep track of every day.


8 minute read
By: AJ Beltis January 25, 2018

10 Restaurant Stocks to Watch in 2018

Industry News & Trends  |  Restaurant Metrics

Invest in your industry.

Restaurants make up 4% of the U.S. GDP and see $799 billion in annual sales, according to..

8 minute read
By: Michelle Mire January 24, 2018

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Restaurant Paycheck Go Further

Restaurant Metrics  |  Restaurant Training & Hiring

With scarce benefits and a wage crisis, the poverty and near-poverty rate for restaurant workers is 40%. But that..

8 minute read