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Employee Management – How to Write Your Restaurant Employee Handbook

Restaurant employee turnover sits at 73%. Turn things around with a clear, helpful employee handbook. Included in this post is a free employee handbook template for your staff.

Industry Trends – 60+ Restaurant Industry Statistics for Restaurant Owners in 2019

What’s trending in the restaurant industry? Check out this giant, recently updated list of the latest statistics in the restaurant industry.

Opening a Restaurant – How to Open a Restaurant With No Money

What are are some creative ways to procure restaurant funding? Here are 7 ways to open a restaurant with no money.

Restaurant Marketing –  10 Restaurant Promotion Ideas You'll Wish You Had Thought Of Earlier

Paid search ads, social media, and video can be difficult when you’ve got a restaurant to run. See what’s missing from your plan and learn where to go to start if marketing is new for you.

Restaurant Design – 9 Restaurant Floor Plan Examples & Ideas for Your Restaurant Layout

Did you know that, in many states, you must submit a floor plan to the city to get a restaurant permit for the construction of a new restaurant?

Menu Development – How to Use a Menu Engineering Worksheet

How profitable is your menu? With a menu engineering worksheet, you’ll be able to identify your best and worst performing menu items so you can price properly.

Restaurant Tech – The Restaurant Management Software Ecosystem in 2019 

Restaurants have unique needs when it comes to restaurant management software. Learn and compare top choices for restaurant technology needs. 

Inventory Tracking – How to Calculate Food Cost Percentage 

The Food Cost Calculator helps you calculate your food cost percentage and benchmark your restaurant against competitors in your area.

Restaurant Metrics – 7 Restaurant Performance Metrics and How to Calculate

Math not your strong suit? Not to worry. We break down the most important equations you should know so you can keep your restaurant efficient.

Kitchen Management – How to Create Kitchen Opening and Closing Checklists

Get your kitch together. Kitchen checklists are the best way to keep consistency in your back of house for different team members. Find out what to add to your checklist in this blog post.

Social Media – 10 Examples of Awesome Restaurant Social Media Marketing

Here are 10 best practices and examples to inspire your restaurant social media strategy and apply them to your own business.

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Allie Tetreault brings years of experience in quick service restaurant operations to the team and has been writing for the Toast Blog since 2015. In this role, she combines her passions for journalism and dining to deliver the best content for restaurant operators on the web.

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Amanda McNamara spent half a decade serving before making the shift to the 9-to-5 lifestyle. Living through the insanity of the front of house for years, Amanda brings first-hand knowledge of the full-service sector of the business to the Toast Blog, which she has been writing for since 2017.

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