8 Key Details to Remember in Restaurant Management [Infographic]

By: Frank Ouyang

6 Minute Read

May 18, 2018

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8 Key Details

running a restaurant

Running a restaurant is no picnic.

In the hustle & bustle of the restaurant world, it's easy to lose your head and forget to handle the simple things. Hey, we've all been there.

The attached infographic serves as a reminder of the key details of running a restaurant well. It covers everything your need to know about running a restaurant from the tablecloths to your restaurant technology. We hope it will offer some insight and advice on how to better run your restaurant.


What tips do you have for running a good restaurant? Share your tips in the comments below!


#1: Tablecloth

One of the first things that your customers will notice upon entering your restaurant are your tablecloths. They symbolize your restaurant’s identity and are are a primary decorative design that will set you apart from the competition.

In choosing the perfect tablecloth, you must consider the following features:

  • Linens with lower thread counts are far more durable cloth, and the thread will not easily be damaged. Many restaurant owners also agree that the poly-cotton blends are the most durable, last the longest, and are by far the most wrinkle resistant
  • If you own a fine dining restaurant, a layered, white tablecloth may be more appropriate as to give the impression of elegance and class.

#2: Tableware

Your choice of tableware can help – or hurt – the overall aesthetic of your restaurant’s design. A lot of restaurant owners will agree that tableware is the toughest things to choose because people have such a strong, intuitive reaction to it.

In fact, a survey commissioned by Steelite International revealed that 81% of diners consider the quality of tableware as important or very important when choosing where to eat out.

Furthermore, your choice of tableware can even alter the taste of your food. Though it is quite bizarre, researchers from the University of Oxford found that a utensil’s color, kind, and material can all explain how food tastes or feels in our mouths.

Tableware is a huge profit generator, so don’t treat it as an afterthought. In selecting tableware, you should consider the aforementioned factors, as well as your restaurant’s décor and the message you’re trying to communicate with your customers.

#3: Lighting and Music

This detail is quite tricky and it’s quite far-fetched from the sense that you’re trying to engage with your customer. However, your choice of lighting and background can greatly affect the overall ambiance that your customer will experience inside your restaurant.

Your choice of lighting and music largely depends on the size of your restaurant, the inner décor, and the atmosphere that you want your customers to feel while inside your restaurant.

Dimmer lights create a cozier and intimate feeling, while brighter lights can be distributed to other parts of your place (e.g. where a special guest or host sits in).

The same applies to your choice of music, though some people do not like listening to music while eating.

In that case, you should have a dedicate place in your restaurant where people can enjoy the natural noise from your space like the clinking of glasses and cutlery, and of course, their own conversations.

#4: Menu Design

Basically, the menu is where you can show to your customer the types of food that you offer, as well as how much they have to pay. But successful restaurants go more than that. Your menu design should show your restaurant’s character, and should create a long-lasting impression even after the waiter or waitress walks off with it.

Like the other details, your menu design must align with your restaurant’s theme. If you’re focusing on class and prestige, make sure that your menu also displays the same.

If you want to create a relaxed and friendly environment, you can add color to your menu that is light and not intimidating to the eyes.

Likewise, the text must be large enough to read, and should give enough information about the food so that your customers can make an informed decision.

#5: Queuing System

An efficient queueing system is vital to ensure the delivery of services and transactions on time. In fact, 80% of customers will transfer to a different restaurant if they ever experience long queues.

Hence, customer waiting time is an important indicator of how good checkout lines are operated by representatives.

You have to consider investing in a digital queueing system that can help you reduce the waiting time of your customers, thus increasing efficiency.

You also have to consider the overall setup of your restaurant, especially the place where a customer has to stand when waiting to be served.

#6: Space & Seating

It’s how you organize the table spaces that creates the illusion on how welcoming your restaurant is to your guests. In deciding your space layout, you have to take into account the size of the kitchen, the storage place, your customer seating, and the mobility of both employees and customers.

Your choice of furniture directly influences the space layout of your restaurant. The furniture’s quality should have the ability to handle the everyday wear and tear for years so as to maximize your investment. Its shape and style should also be taken seriously since they can directly influence the dining experience.

Round tables encourage conversation, while square and rectangular tables are more space-efficient. Your tables also have to vary based on size to accommodate customers that come in groups as well as those who dine alone.

#7: Service Detail

Likewise, getting emphasis on the service detail, like staff who ar tailored to give appropriate service according to customer’s needs – is one of the most remarkable things that people will truly appreciate about your restaurant.

Aside from ambiance and the food itself, customers are very observant and sensitive in terms of the service quality that they get from your staff. Hence, excellent customer service should be an integral part of your business plan.

Train your staff to be courteous at all times: They should greet guests the minute they walk in the door and use respectful titles accordingly.

They should also be keen on what the customer says and should ask questions and repeat their orders to ensure they are served the right meal.

Other than that, your staff must show proper etiquette before, during, and after the guest has left.

#8: POS Receipts

Your customers should feel the best experience that they can get until their very last transaction with your business – checking out. That is why it’s important to buy a reliable and effective POS system to make customers check out quickly and hassle-free.

You might consider using modern payment methods such as chip/EMV cards or mobile wallets like Samsung Pay, as they offer seamless and faster transactions than traditional payment methods.

You should design the POS receipts in a unique way, such as printing the restaurant logo, website, social media sites, or coupon codes to make your customers return.

In such a way, it can guarantee a customer would not throw away the receipt, but instead keep it in their wallet.

Also, you should buy the premium quality POS receipts so customers can “feel” that the restaurant is elegant.

Managing a Restaurant

It’s just a matter of small details that can bring either total success or total failure in the restaurant industry. Just as important as the food you serve, make sure that you take time in analyzing the perfect format for the above-mentioned details, and it is rest assured that you will be on the right path to running a good restaurant.

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