9 Restaurant Podcasts You Don't Want to Miss

By: Phil Wesson

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Oct 01, 2018

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If you're anything like me, you need to listen to something on your commute to work. I personally have no idea who 90% of the names in the top 40 countdown are (do they even still do top 40 countdowns?), so I find it much more satisfying to listen to podcasts.

Podcasts are a great way to keep up to date with trends on a very specific subject, be it politics, obscure science fiction movies, or restaurant management. They're also a great way to learn from peers, become inspired, and discover new ways to enhance your business.

Here are nine restaurant podcasts you should be tuning into every week for some restaurant inspiration:

1. Restaurant Unstoppable

RU-Cover2015.jpgEric Cacciatore started Restaurant Unstoppable to "empower independent restaurant owners/operators with the tools, knowledge, and attitude to happily and successfully live out their purpose and passion," and it's a great first stop if you're dipping your toes into the podcast waters. In his podcast, Eric talks about habits and characteristics that can help success in the restaurant business, mistakes that you can avoid, tips on raising capital, and recruiting and retaining team members, among a variety of other topics. He also consistently brings guests on the show, from kitchen product marketing experts and authors to branding experts and award-winning chefs.

Listen to Restaurant Unstoppable here.

2. The Garnish

the-garnish_itunes-art_final.jpgWe couldn't go without mentioning our own podcast. The Garnish, produced by Toast, brings you stories and advice from restaurateurs, managers, chefs, and everyone else who powers the restaurant industry. Season 1 is all interviews, and Season 2 is a combination of interview episodes and topic episodes which cover the industry's biggest challenges. 

Previous guests include Danny Meyer, Ming Tsai, Joanne Chang, Erin Wade, among many others.  

Listen to The Garnish here.

3. America's Test Kitchen

America's Test KitchenGetting local to Toast Headquarters is America's Test Kitchen Podcast, based in Boston, MA. Their mission is to "develop the absolute best recipes for all your favorite foods", providing insights, tips, and tricks on cooking. The host, Chris Kimball, brings in test cooks who all share their own individual perspectives on each dish. If you're looking to be inspired by new and exciting recipes, this is definitely one podcast you'll want to subscribe to.

Listen to America's Test Kitchen Podcast here.

4. Secret Sauce - Restaurant Marketing Podcast

Restaurant Marketing PodcastRestaurant Marketing is no easy task, and Secret Sauce has made it their mission to deliver to you the best restaurant marketing tips around. From ways to increase online orders to email marketing secrets, Secret Sauce continues to find new ways to bring customers through your doors. If you need a refresher on SEO, Facebook, email campaigns, and partnerships, definitely check this podcast out. They do a great job of taking a very complicated part of restaurant management and making it accessible and fun.

Listen to Secret Sauce - Restaurant Marketing Podcast here.

5. Right at the Fork

Right at the ForkChris and Cort of Right at the Fork explore Portland, Oregon's food scene in a fun and informative way. The pair brings in interesting guests that focus on subjects such as lessons and insights learned from traveling overseas (check out the episode where they tour the world of chocolate in Japan), "no-tip models", local ingredients, and pop-ups.

Listen to Right at the Fork here.

6. Road Rash Podcast

Road Rash PodcastChef Brian Duffy and Mixologist Russell Davis of Road Rash Podcast travel the world interviewing top chefs, sampling restaurant food, and discussing top issues in the restaurant industry today. Recent podcasts have tackled the no-tipping policy, bar fights, Chipotle sanitation, and top food trends. This raucous duo, while talented and fun, are also very knowledgeable in their respective fields.

Listen to Road Rash Podcast here.

7. The Restaurant Prescription Podcast

Restaurant Prescription PodcastRestaurant Coach Donald Burns of The Restaurant Prescription Podcast offers "the cure for the common restaurant" in this podcast. With advice, tips, and tools on branding, marketing, and peak performance, The Restaurant Prescription Podcast takes common ailments, such as bad leadership, dirty data, and lousy restaurant marketing, and offers remedies to "heal" your restaurant.

Listen to The Restaurant Prescription Podcast here.

8. Smart Pizza Marketing

Bruce Irving hosts the weekly Smart Pizza Marketing podcast. On his podcasts, he interviews the leading minds of the pizzeria industry. Irving, a top marketing consultant and former pizzeria owner, also hosts PizzaTV's Marketing Insights livestream program. In new episodes, he interviews executives at Razza Pizza, The Pizza Factory, Scottie's Pizza Parlor, and more.

Listen to Smart Pizza Marketing here.

9. Restaurant Rockstars

Restaurant RockstarsRoger Beadoin's Restaurant Rockstars is a treasure trove of information. As the founder and operator of four restaurant/hospitality companies over the past 18 years, Roger has knowledge and experience of the restaurant industry from a variety of business angles. His podcasts focus heavily on building successful business practices in order to build and maintain a solid team and business. Restaurant Rockstars may not deliver episodes on a set schedule, but each one is definitely worth the wait.

Listen to Restaurant Rockstars here.

What Are Your Favorite Restaurant Podcasts?

These are only a few of the outstanding restaurant podcasts that are out there, but they're all definitely worth a listen. Each one has a distinct voice, and focuses on different areas of the restaurant business, so you're sure to find something that speaks to you.

If you've found a great restaurant management podcast, be sure to share it in the comments!


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