6 Reasons to Consider Drive-Thru Digital Menu Boards

By: Alexandra Myers

4 Minute Read

Nov 14, 2017

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Qsr Digital Menu Boards


Toast is pleased to present a guest blog from Alexandra Myers of Direct Capital, a CIT company that provides financing for restaurants, small businesses, franchises, and more.

If you subscribe to this blog, then you understand the importance of digital processes and efficiencies. And while having a streamlined POS system that allows you to integrate everything from online ordering to digital gift cards is necessary, technology is taking quick service restaurants by storm in another way, too: Digital drive-thru menu boards.

Let’s face it: Life is fast. Professionals, students, children – everyone is on the go. That’s why drive-thrus are becoming even more popular today and why wait times are continuing to rise. A 2014 QSR Magazine report showed that the average person will wait 203 seconds per service at the drive-thru. You don’t want those extended wait times to deter customers from visiting your QSR, right? We didn’t think so.

Implementing these digital menu boards will increase productivity, cut line time and improve overall customer satisfaction. But if that’s not quite the push you need to invest in this restaurant technology, here are 6 more reasons:

1. Instant Updates

When you plan to update your menu, you can digitally communicate all modifications to your POS system. Now, instead of having to pay for an expensive overhaul of your signage every time a price changes or an item is added, updating your drive-thru digital menus can be just as easy. Sign changes are pricey, so why not streamline the process? Make it digital, automatic, and electronic. Plus, having a menu board that updates instantly will avoid any customer frustration if pricing or items are mix-matched.

2. Finance Ability

Investing in this expensive equipment upfront can be burdensome, but it doesn’t have to be. Many finance companies (including Direct Capital) will give you the option to lease the equipment and pay it back overtime. This way, you can start reaping all the benefits before paying for it. Spend your hard-earned cash on other business needs, and let the financing take care of this investment!

3. Increased Revenue

According to Digital Signage Today, QSRs that installed indoor digital menus saw a 5-8% increase in revenue. Since the majority of customers are hitting the drive-thru as opposed to the inside counter, imagine how much more revenue you could generate with them outside.

4. Customer Satisfaction

Digital Signage Today also found that 74% of QSR customers want a menu that’s easy to read. In fact, that 74% listed it as their top priority when visiting those restaurants. It’s time to give your customers exactly what they want!

5. Updateable and Customizable

The digital signage comes with a cloud-based technology platform that allows you to update and customize one or more boards at once. If you are a franchisee, for example, you can change multiple store’s messaging all from one location. You can highlight the “Meal of the Day!” or showcase the item you are looking to sell the most of that month. Being able to update and customize automatically also allows you to see if the messaging you’re using is working and, if it’s not, to quickly change it.

6. Upsell Opportunities

Did you know that the way a menu board is designed is actually related to the way customers order food? Time explained that if you want customers to buy high-profile items, combos or other big ticket meals, you should place those photos front and center on the board. Pictures speak louder than words – and showing them what their meal will look like works to your advantage. Give them reasons to buy more from you!

It’s time to move your QSR into the digital age and upgrade your drive-thru menus. If you like increasing sales and making customers happy, then this will be the best change you make all year.

* Image courtesy of Kevin Brooks and Boston's Brew Cafe.


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