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Try Set Shifts for Teams that Seek Stability

To give your staff more stability, try set shifts, meaning that all your employees have a firm schedule that rarely changes. Set shifts may not be flexible, but they’re stable. If your staff are the type that crave a little bit of stability in a hectic industry — especially if your staff have kids or elderly relatives to care for — they’ll appreciate this scheduling tactic. 

“Working [the] exact [same] shifts every week sounds kind of boring, and you're gonna mix it up some, but with minor exceptions, man, that can really be a great tool of maintaining a positive relationship with your employees,” said Joe Hannon, who worked front of house and management for 11 years before switching gears and getting a job at Restaurant365. 

“Obviously you have to have loyal employees to do this and pull it off. You have to have some pretty good cross training, too, so people can fill in for other positions.” And if a staff member quits, you know exactly which shifts you need covered, he added. This is a sign of stability and organization in a restaurant, and the right candidates for your team will love that. “You go into the interviews and have a plan of attack. You're like, ‘I just need Tuesday through Saturday from 5:00 PM to close. You get Sunday, Monday off every time.’”

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