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How Mattenga's Pizzeria Saves 6 Hours a Week With Toast Pizza POS


When Matt Stanfield left his engineering job in New Mexico, he never imagined that he would soon be running one of the most popular pizzerias in the San Antonio area. Mattenga’s Pizzeria is a family owned and operated business; Matt and his family work together to serve their community fresh Italian pizza and pasta.

Less Manual Effort - More Family Time

After purchasing Mattenga’s Pizzeria, Matt quickly realized that owning and operating a small business would demand nearly all of his time and energy. When Matt assumed ownership of Mattenga’s, he also inherited the establishment’s traditional point-of-sale system. Matt made it a priority to find a pizza POS system that would automate some of his daily tasks so he could spend more time with his family outside of the pizzeria.

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The Smart Way To Run Pizza Online Ordering

As a pizzeria, take-out is naturally a large part of Mattenga’s business. While Matt understood that it was important to allow his customers to place orders online, he was dissatisfied with the traditional POS system’s online ordering functionality. Every time Matt made changes to the in-house menu, he had to dedicate additional time to manually updating the online menu as well.

With Toast, Mattenga’s online ordering is built in to the all-in-one platform and data is no longer tied to a back-office server. Matt is able to update his in-house menu in seconds from any device with internet access and his modifications automatically sync to online ordering. 

“The fact that I can update my menu in Toast and it automatically updates my online ordering has probably saved me five to six hours a week.”

Toast Online Ordering
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Establishing Staff Accountability

With the traditional POS system, Mattenga’s tips were pooled and taken out at the end of the night – a process that took time and lacked accountability. Toast’s on-screen tipping feature prompts customers with fair tip percentages and calculates tip attribution automatically.

Matt’s staff has seen tips increase by an average of nearly 10% and the time it takes to complete close-of-day tasks has dramatically decreased from hours to minutes.

“Pooled tips are automatically calculated at the time of transaction - that’s a gorgeous feature that saves a lot of labor and money. With our old POS, we had no way of knowing if our employees were taking out more tips than they should.”

Reducing Food Costs with Pizza POS Reporting

When Matt inherited Mattenga’s original menu he had no way of knowing which items were his top sellers and which were a drag on his bottom line. After replacing the old system with Toast's restaurant POS, Matt uncovered business insights that were previously unavailable to him.

“With Toast’s menu reporting, I was able to see that a number of menu items from the previous owner weren’t selling so I removed them. I’ve saved thousands on food costs by analyzing my menu and eliminating the underselling dishes.” 

With Toast’s detailed reporting features, Matt can compare sales of menu groups and individual menu items within a specified timeframe. This insight enables him to make smarter decisions when ordering food and making menu changes, saving his business thousands of dollars. 

“I can see we just sold one plate of wings and one plate of mozzarella sticks. With my old POS, I just knew I was selling appetizers. I can even see which servers are selling the most appetizers.” 

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