6 Restaurant Experts Share Their #1 Holiday Marketing Tip

By: Phil Wesson

4 Minute Read

Jan 24, 2017

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Restaurant Marketing Tips

The holidays are here, and while advertisers are trying their best to attact shoppers, restauranteurs have to do the same. However, there are more differences than similarities when it comes to restaurant marketing during the holiday season.

To find the best tips to help you attract customers during the holiday season, I teamed up with Allie Tetreault to reach out to some of the best restaurant specialists for their #1 restaurant holiday marketing tips

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1. Paul Fulford, Food Critic and Restaurant PR Consultant

One surefire way to bring customers in during the holidays is to offer specials on a family dinner. Adding a discount for children when many of your customers have family members visiting can mean the difference between eating at your restaurant or someone else’s.

2. David Scott Peters, Consultant at The Restaurant Expert

David brought up two great ideas rather than one. Gift cards are a great way to give a gift to your customers, and keep them coming back. No peak promotions, where customers can't "peak" into their prize until they come back, is another creative way to nurture repeat customers.

3. Danny Klein, Associate Editor of FSR Magazine

Danny Klein, associate editor of FSR Magazine, raises a good point: the holidays are a great time to utilize the customer list that you’ve been building all year. Reach out to your customer base early, and encourage them to make reservations before the rush.

4. Mike Ganino, Restaurant Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant

Mike Ganino, restaurant speaker, trainer, and consultant on culture and leadership advocated for the use of social media during the holidays. Using social media during the holidays, when your customers are looking for deals on every channel, is a huge win. Enticing your social media base with gift cards or promotions specific to that social network adds a feeling of exclusivity and if the promotion is timed, a sense of urgency.

5. Joe Hakim, Restaurant and Social Media Consultant

Joe Hakim, Restaurant & social media consultant, tweeted the most simple, but often forgot, answer: to keep offering a great guest experience. The holidays is a fantastic time to show your restaurant in the best light to customers new and old. If they have a great experience during one the busiest times of the year, they’ll definitely keep you in mind when looking to visit the restaurant next time.

6. Bradley Toft, Senior Account Executive for Restaurant Programs of America

Finally, Bradley Toft, Senior Account Executive for Restaurant Programs of America, raises a great point. Look at the holidays as the perfect way to expand your customer base, and if your restaurant caters, use that opportunity to show what you can offer.

What did you think of these industry leaders' tips? There are even more here: The Ultimate List of 1500+ Free Restaurant Holiday Marketing Resources.

Add your own: What are your tips for marketing during the holiday season? Leave a comment down below, and thanks for watching!


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