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The History of McDonald's: A Pioneer in Food, Tech, and Franchises

Posted by Ambrosio Cantada on 9/18/17 8:00 PM in Restaurant Management, Industry News & Trends

history of mcdonalds

Last week on the Toast Blog, we highlighted some of the relevant trends impacting the fast food industry, so we thought we’d follow that up with a McDonald’s infographic that documents the chain’s rise to world dominance.

Not all restaurants can say they the've lasted over 75 years. McDonald's survived the recession, a propaganda documentary, and still is equated with the term "fast food" to this day. So, how exactly has McDonald's survived so long? 

Our colleagues at Franchise Chatter shared this infographic with us, and we were fascinated to see just how McDonald's became the epitome of fast food, popularized the idea of restaurant franchises, and continues to be one of the most successful businesses of all time. 

Read on to learn how McDonald's became a pioneer in the following areas.

Read on for an extensive and insightful history of McDonald's!

history of mcdonalds

 This McDonald’s infographic was created by Franchise Chatter, a company that provides objective analysis and data to entrepreneurs to help them decide which franchise to purchase.

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Written by: Ambrosio Cantada

Ambrosio is the founder of Franchise Chatter, an online service that provides objective data and analysis about the profit potential of hundreds of franchises in order to help entrepreneurs interested in purchasing a franchise make well-informed decisions.

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