Are Digital Menu Boards Right For Your Restaurant? Let's Discuss.

By: Daniel Waldron

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Dec 04, 2017

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Digital menu boards are causing a storm of discussion in the restaurant community. Operators are ‘toing and froing’ over their usefulness to the foodservice industry.

Question is, are they actually any good for boosting food and drink sales? 

We’ll cut to the chase, you can believe the hype about digital menu boards. A bold statement to make, right? But hear us out.

Like it or not, technology has a big influence on where today’s patrons decide to eat, which represents a massive opportunity for your restaurant. In fact, 79% of diners agree that restaurant technology improves their experience.

You can bet your bottom dollar that if you’ve got digital menu boards above your counter, outdoors at key locations, or even at your drive thru lane – you will attract and enthrall more customers.

The Advantages of Digital Menu Boards in Restaurants

Handsome concentrated bearded waiter swiping credit card through the computer terminal in cafe-1.jpegRestaurant patrons are psyched about menu boards being digital because they make ordering easier. Ever seen your staff standing behind the cash register waiting on a customer as they navigate your standard, static menu boards? It’s frustrating for your employees - not to mention your other customers.

Please don’t take this as a criticism of your current menu boards - we just want to point you in the direction of digital because it’s actually restaurant customers that are driving the hype.

This is no coincidence, and certainly not something you can ignore.

#1: Digital Menu Boards Are Directly Responsible for a 5–8% Increase in Sales

If you’re serious about boosting numbers at your restaurant, digital menu boards should be in your thinking because they drive an uptick in sales anywhere between 5–8%.

However, we don’t want to appear blasé and dismissive of the risks associated with making your menu digital. It’s a lot of upheaval at first, and we appreciate that the buck stops with you when making the decision.

Cost is undoubtedly your biggest concern. We’re not going to sugar coat it, investing in a digital menu network can require a hefty chunk of capital. However, it’s a one-time deal. Let’s put this into context for you. If you were to break out your restaurant’s accounts right now, chances are you’ve spent a heck of a lot on print runs for menus.

Restaurant digital menu boards eliminate this cost - permanently. You can change solitary menu items, prices, and promote specials without having to flash the cash to get your menus changed. Over the course of a year, this could save you thousands of dollars.

#2: Superb ROI Potential

Combined with the uptick in sales, going digital with your menu management represents a fantastic ROI.

We can back this up, too. A recent infographic highlights that 11.5% of restaurants recoup their money within 6 months of installation. Here’s a percentage breakdown of the average time it takes for restaurants to retrieve their initial investment:

  • 0-6 months – 11.5%
  • 7-12 months – 30.8%
  • 13-18 months – 26.9%
  • 19-24 months – 19.2%
  • 24+ months – 11.5%

Make of these percentages what you will, but the fact is, you stand to make your money back relatively quickly - typically in less than 18 months. The money you make beyond that becomes profit.

#3: The Operational Perks

Still not convinced? I can't exactly blame you - after all, this is a huge investment. But before you click away, read through these quick pros about restaurant digital menu boards.

Easy Upselling for New Menu Items

You can upsell new menu items with an eye-catching display. Competition for customer attention is rife and the best way to get eyes on your menu is to showcase your food with digital video displays. What better way to whet appetites than with a full HD video presenting steaming hot food from your menu?

Mmm…hungry anyone?

Unbeatable Convenience

Digital menu boards are extremely convenient. Tired of endlessly faffing with printed posters, putting them up, and then taking them down? Digital gives you complete control from a central point and saves countless time. This is particularly beneficial if you have multiple restaurants, you can update all menu boards all at once. CTA

Adaptable Menus

Do you serve breakfast, lunch & dinner? Make those tedius menu changeovers a thing of the past. Control everything digitally to suit the time of day.

Improve the Customer Experience

Digital reduces perceived waiting times if you’re displaying engaging content. Satisfy your customers and potentially sell even more.


Your digital menus can be used to entertain customers. Throw in a few promotions with a rotating menu screen format with your tasty looking menu items to drive sales and encourage guests to return.

Save the Planet (& Money)

Compared to posters, digital is greener and more cost-effective. See the savings you make when you cut printing, delivery, installation, and disposal costs out of the equation.

Show the Calorie Count

New U.S. food laws mean that restaurants with 20 or more facilities must show the calorie count for each food item on the menu. Digital menu boards allow you to easily display these, eliminating the cost to reprint all your menus & bringing you into compliance with the law.

Time to Go Digital!

From our point of view, the benefits of installing digital menu boards largely outweigh the concerns. Digital is quicker, time & cost effective, and greener. Looking at digital as a whole, every area of life is heading in the direction of digital.

It’s time for you to join those restaurants that have installed a digital menu network. They are raving about the cost savings made and the higher volume of sales, and it’s all thanks to their customers demanding the latest tech trends. 

It’s worth noting that the digital signage revolution is not confined to transforming the food sector, it’s spreading to every sector. Our message is simple – don’t get left behind.

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