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Chef Brian Duffy on Menu Engineering & Development [Video]

Posted by Phil Wesson on 1/21/16 2:00 PM in Industry News & Trends

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We've written a number of times in the past about menu engineering  and menu design, and the impact that it can make on your business overall. 

Recently Toast's Content Strategist Allie Tetreault and I had the opportunity to speak with Chef Brian Duffy, a restaurant consultant that you may have seen on TV shows like Bar Rescue, Date Plate and The Today Show. What started as a conversation about tips on menu creation expanded to subjects like restaurant culture, new menu parties, employee training and education, brand recognition and core values. 

Watch the Full Interview for Free 

An abbreviated version of the interview, as well as discussion topics, is below, but the full 45-minute long interview, jam-packed with helpful tips, is available for free.  Just Click Here



Key Points:

  • As with any situation where you're interacting with people, know your audience. Incorporating local tastes and culture (while adding your own style and touch) to dishes you serve can make them memorable and relatable to your customers. 
  • Your menu should always be evolving. Make it a point to review your product mix report to see which items are underperforming, and replace them to maximize the performance of your offerings.

  • Update your menu four times a year. Keep your menu fresh by offering new dishes each season. Consider using locally sourced seasonal ingredients for freshness and authenticity.

  • Interview your customers about what they'd like to see on your menu. There may be items that you've overlooked that your customers are hoping to see.

To see the full interview, (where Chef Brian Duffy covers subjects like Common Menu Mistakes, Work Culture, Menus as Branding Tools, Restaurant Culture and Core Values, and New Restaurant Advice), click here.

To learn more about Chef Brian Duffy, check out the following links:

Website | Consulting Business | Road Rash Podcast | Twitter


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Written by: Phil Wesson

Phil is a Marketing Manager at Toast, Inc. the All-in-One Restaurant Management Platform, where he produces video and design content to train, educate and and empower restaurant owners and employees. When he doesn’t have a camera in his hand, Phil writes short film scripts, forages the web for for the best made video marketing content, and perhaps plays a bit too much PS4.

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