10 Pin-Worthy Restaurant Designs

By: Julia Beebe

5 Minute Read

Jun 01, 2016

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Every facet of the customer journey influences their memory of your restaurant. The most important "wow" moment your guest experiences, second only to the food, is the interior design.

Brand, website, and menu architecture are all important, but if your design and your food don't speak to your chosen concept, then your restaurant will fall flat. Now this doesn't mean you have to have a Vegas-level, million dollar design that makes your customer pause in amazement. It just means that everything should be cohesive, thought-out, and unique to your vision.

While you daydream about future restaurant designs or consider how you might spiff up your current concept, enjoy this eye-candy of 10 beautiful restaurants that really nailed their interior execution.

1. Crudo


Designed by Emporium Design, this Boston iconoclast rebels against the Italian fare and heritage of the North End and creates a rustic, industrial sushi concept.

Comments on the space: "We drew inspiration from the inherent contrast between the worn, industrial-commercial fishing piers and private yachts that share the same local waterfront." - Robert Stansell, co-owner and design principal of New York-based Emporium Design (source)

2. Jadis


This New York wine bar, complete with owner-curated collections lining the walls, encompasses the cozy feeling of curling up with a glass of fine french wine.

Comments on the space: "The decor is very cozy, all four walls, even the ceiling are brick. I am also a big fan of the candles they always have burning, as well as the chill, worldly music they play. Perfect place for a gathering with friends or a romantic atmosphere for a date." -reviewer (source)

3. Tatte Bakery


This rapidly expanding Boston bakery has an energetic and eclectic decor that highlights and enhances it's snacks and pastry items.

Comments on the space: “...white subway tiling, pine apothecary cabinets and other large wood display cases, and a chandelier fashioned from pendants, some all the same, others all different. Spaces are stylish, and, except for the chandeliers, largely Spartan. The decor is laptops and pastry displays.” - Owner and designer Tzurit Or (source)

4. Piquant Hyde Park


French-inspired in both decor and food, Piquant is a staple of the newly revitalized Hyde Park Village neighborhood of Tampa.

Comments on the space: "A bit of Paris in South Tampa, Piquant features rich colors reminiscent of the perfect cup of cappuccino. Creams, lattes, browns and blacks are swirled together with a dash of pattern, a pinch of texture and kiss of modern glam." - Lisa Gilmore, Interior Designer (source)

5. Stella Mare's


Stella Mare's uses its history as the pallet for its shabby chic design. Built in 1872, the cottage and nearby bird refuge capture the airy, seaside feeling of Santa Barbara, making it a prime wedding destinations in that area.

Comments on the space: What a beautifully quaint restaurant! This was one of the best overall meals I have experienced in a long time. I loved the decor so much I was ready to move in. - reviewer (source)

6. Buccan


Designed by Sterling Kenan Interiors, the sparse Palm Beach restaurant and event space allow the bright sun light and fresh ingredients to take center stage.

Comments on the space: "The whitewashed shell of the space is complimented by Pecky Cypress details and industrial and organic light fixtures ... The finished product invites guests to experience the food in different settings within the restaurant so that each visit can be different from the last." - Sterling Kenan Interiors (source)

7. Glazed and Confused Bakery


Glazed and Confused combines industrial elements and whimsical touches of home in it's brand new Lansing, MI urban bakery.

Comments on the Space: None yet! They only opened this week.

8. Bite Restaurant


Bite Restaurant is a pop art confection and trendy hot spot fit for the funky Southtown, San Antonio. The decor and food are a reflection of the neighborhood and artist/chef.

Comments on the space: “We wanted to do something different, something that San Antonio didn't have. With pop part, light fixtures with buckets, orange walls.” - Lisa Artoga-Watel, Owner (source)

9. Monger's Kitchen


Monger's, a seafood restaurant and counter on the east side of Austin, creates the feeling of walking into a beach house kitchen to enjoy the catch of the day. Chef Shane Stark and his wife Julie "DIY'd until we died" to create this seaside-inspired destination.

Comments on the space: "I wanted it to be a place where a patron walks in our doors and actually feels like they have been transplanted to a quaint little beach cottage on the coast," - Julie Stark, wife of owner and chef, Shane Stark (source)

10. Vicki Lee's


The second project with the same name for chef Vicki Lee Boyajian bring a modern, refined touch to the town bakery in Belmont, MA. The bakery/cafe was designed by MergeArchitects and creates a striking yet simple platform for the bright flavors and warm pastries to shine.

Comments on the space: "Linear display cases and counters wrap around the side wall of the oddly-shaped space, dividing the rear bakery from the café storefront ... A single material unifies the design, while components are demarcated through subtle variations in finish" - MergeArchitects (source)

Set the Mood with Beautiful Restaurant Designs

What do these restaurant designs have in common? They each uniquely reflect their restaurant type and give an immediate sense of what to expect out of their food when you enter.

Interior design is a powerful tool to set the right mood, whether you take on the design yourself or collaborate with an artist or architect, don't hesitate to create a space that is as memorable as your most delicious dish.

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