20 Examples of Jaw-Dropping Bar Designs and Setups

By: Sarah Johnson

8 Minute Read

Nov 09, 2017

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Aside from location, design is probably the most important thing to consider when opening up a new bar. Space for bartenders to work at maximum speed and servers to weave around tables to ultimately get drinks in as many hands as possible is absolutely imperative to making money.

But what is all of that worth without a memorable experience that will bring guests back?

Some of the best bar designs are a deliberate decision - like Miracle of Science, where the location in the heart of MIT makes a science themed bar a perfect fit in. On the other hand, some bars like The Mad Hanna take on their own personality over time.

A bar’s success is completely dependent on guests enjoying their experience and having something to remember to pass on via word of mouth to friends at home or visiting guests. It's also largely defined by the back-of-house or behind-the-bar experience; where the bar POS system is placed can have drastic impacts on the bar's workflow. 

We live our lives to travel, and whether that's across the street or across the country, a good place to have a drink is one of the most important part of any day's relaxation and experience. In order to create a truly memorable bar, you're going to need funding. Toast Capital offers restaurants access to fast, flexible funding for any restaurant need. Toast restaurants may be eligible for financing from $5K to $250K. Toast Capital Loans have one fixed cost - with no compounding interest and no personal guarantees. Better yet: Once approved, you can receive your funds as soon as the next business day.* 

Here are 20 of the best bar designs, setups, ideas, and concepts that can inspire you.

Bluebird Barbecue

Burlington, Vermont

bar designs

There is nothing like a beer bar that can make a good cocktail (and the barbecue is good too). Brick walls and lights made from old bottles and its location near Salmon Hole on the Winooski River will make you feel like you’re living the down home country life, but expressive cocktails will give you the upscale city vibe.

The Broken Shaker

Miami, Florida

bar designs

At The Broken Shaker, you can definitely see the vintage inspiration. The open air set up and a large, shaded patio, and vintage floral wall paper create an interesting dynamic. The bar is part of the Freehand Miami hotel, so you can take your drink from the bar to the pool if you stay as a guest.

The Canon

Seattle, Washington


Aside from this intricate set up, the patio at this bar is what makes it great (the great drinks help, too). Purposely covered in greenery that provides privacy and interesting textures, the patio is the place to be. Plus, drinking a cocktail out of a lightbulb will probably add to the interest!

Congress Street Social Club

Savannah, Georgia

bar designs

Beer, whiskey, and music are what makes up the Congress Street Social Club. A spacious outdoor patio with dim lighting for the evenings and a portrait of “The Worlds Most Interesting Man” are part of what makes this place so notable.

The Carousel Bar

New Orleans, Louisiana

bar designs

Another hotel bar, located in the Hotel Monteleone, this bar actually rotates (slowly, don't worry - about one revolution every 15 minutes). Located in the historic French Quarter of New Orleans, sitting at this bar is like taking a trip to yesteryear.

The Daisy

New York, New York

bar designs

The Daisy is a simple pick, mainly chosen for the clean and intimate atmosphere. The bar itself is its own piece of decor. Designed in a symmetrical fashion, the shapes and lighting in this bar are what gives it character.


Jersey City, New Jersey

bar designs

Named from the proverb, “All work makes no play,” this bar is well-endowed with an exceptional cocktail list that features a daily stirred and a daily shaken special. It’s the little things that make the design of the bar interesting, like tiki mugs, skull topped stirrers, mismatched picture frames, and typewriter imagery.

Flat Top Johnny’s

Cambridge, Massachusetts

bar designs

The bar at Flat Top Johnny's is long and has an interesting layout with a large v-shaped bar and well-kept pool tables. What’s a pool hall without high ceiling and pop art?

Founding Fathers Pub

Buffalo, New York

bar designs

Really no one can prepare you for Founding Fathers Pub. You think you’re walking into a regular pub to be surrounded by your founding fathers. Find homage in this part gentleman’s club and part traditional pub, and be prepared for some very specific trivia questions.


Santa Fe, New Mexico

bar designs

The only Gastro Pub to exist in Santa Fe to date, Georgia has three unique spaces. The Tavern, the Tap Room, and the Patio exist in a space that was once two army officer’s quarter’s that have been fully restored.

Good Times at Davey Wayne's

Los Angeles, California


A place stuck between 1970 and 1980, this bar is specifically dedicated to David Wayne Houston. Hidden behind a vintage storefront, you have to open a refrigerator door to enter what could be a 1970s living room.

Heinold’s First & Last Chance Saloon

Oakland, California

bar designs

This bar is historic landmark build from the timber of an 1880 whaling ship. The walls are covered with old money and artifacts from history, like captains' hats! This place in its own is built from history, and there isn’t much that can compare.

The Mad Hanna 

Portland, Oregon

bar designs

Looking for a place to experience a day in the life of a Portland regular? The Mad Hanna is the place to enjoy something between neighborhood and dive. Proclaimed by owner Liz Hanna as a place that will, “…always put up with a little bit of crazy…” Check out The Mad Hanna for an handmade infused cocktail, a cross stitching class, and a slot machine that will actually pay out.

Miracle of Science 

Cambridge, Massachusetts

bar designs

Somewhere to hang and be a part of the crowd, Miracle of Science is great hangout with a garage door as a window that opens wide in the summer. It’s somewhere in between a cozy bar and your high school science classroom. You wont experience MIT the right way unless you visit this bar and these people. And most importantly, be nice, this is the BEST service staff you’ve ever met.


Denver, Colorado

bar designs

Occidental is a bar for those who don’t run with the norm. A leather jacket and some punk will allow you to fit into this is a self-proclaimed counter-culture hangout in Denver. A bar on the outskirts with a skyline view; the brainchild of some of the best: Sean Kenyon and Todd Colehour.

Rik Rak Salon & Bar

Miami, Florida

bar designs

No one can say they wouldn’t like a spa day and a glass of wine. A combination made in heaven, but found in few places besides your living room. If you’d like to check out a bar, a spa, and a boutique all at the same time, check out Rik Rak in Miami, and enjoy what they can offer.

The Safe House

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

bar designs

The Safe House is a spy-themed speakeasy that requires a password to enter and is filled with secret passages and trick doors. When this place came to be in 1966, the only publicity was word of mouth. If you’d like to enjoy a place with a game and a beverage, check this out.

Shelby’s Bar & Grill

Denver, Colorado

bar designs

This location has been a part of downtown Denver since the early 1900s. That being said, owners of the space have done well retaining it’s original design. Shelby’s is a divey neighborhood spot with vintage games and a neon sign.

Trick Dog

San Francisco, California

bar designs

This bar sits inside of an old mill building, with wrought iron single pane windows that crank to open. Interesting light fixtures and high ceilings hold the history of this building in place, while still serving craft cocktails to guests in a comfortable atmosphere.

White Chapel 

San Francisco, California

bar designs

Gin has never tasted so good. Also known as, “The Gin Palace,” White Chapel is somewhere in between Steampunk and the Victorian era. Curved ceilings, subway tile walls, and velvet booths give you a feeling somewhere in between a subway tunnel and luxurious lounge.

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