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Michelle Mire

Content guru and marketing co-conspirator at Wagepoint, Michelle is a professional writer with agency and corporate experience who is now diving into payroll with full scuba gear in tow. When away from the keyboard she spends time hiding chocolate from her children and attempting to escape for a morning run (to work off the chocolate).
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By: Michelle Mire January 24, 2018

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Restaurant Paycheck Go Further

Restaurant Metrics  |  Restaurant Training & Hiring

With scarce benefits and a wage crisis, the poverty and near-poverty rate for restaurant workers is 40%. But that..

8 minute read
By: Michelle Mire October 3, 2017

Everything Restaurants Need to Know About IRS Tip Reporting

Restaurant Management

A deeply debated and contested issue, tips play a huge role in the payment of restaurant employees, especially those..

7 minute read
By: Michelle Mire September 7, 2017

Server Side Work Checklist: Why You Need One & How to Use It

Restaurant Management  |  Restaurant Training & Hiring

With 90% of all U.S. restaurants having less than 50 total employees and 70% of these restaurants being standalone..

6 minute read
By: Michelle Mire June 8, 2017

How Much Should Restaurants Pay Employees?

Restaurant Training & Hiring

It’s tough out there. But, in spite of it all, according to the National Restaurant Association (NRA), restaurants..

9 minute read
By: Michelle Mire March 29, 2017

Restaurant Tax Guide: Last-Minute Restaurant Tax Tips & Advice

Restaurant Metrics

According to the National Restaurant Association, restaurant income tax rates can reach as high as the 30% range,..

7 minute read