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Kendal Austin

Kendal Austin is the Marketing Manager at Toast responsible for customer and partner programs. After a brief stint in foodservice, Kendal found a passion for marketing technology that solves problems. Her claim to fame: she was a contestant on the Price is Right and lost in the final round.
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By: Kendal Austin April 18, 2017

10 Examples of Awesome Restaurant Social Media Marketing

Restaurant Marketing

Social media is an inevitable part of running a business. Whether your business is active on social media or not,..

By: Kendal Austin March 24, 2017

3 Ways Restaurants Can Bridge the Front- and Back-of-House Wage Gap

Restaurant Management

Restaurants across the country are struggling to close the increasing wage gap between front-of-house and..

By: Kendal Austin February 18, 2017

Amazon Go Technology Could Make It Legal (and Profitable) to "Dine & Dash"

Restaurant Technology

In December 2016, Amazon announced Amazon Go, a brick-and-mortar grocery store that allows shoppers to walk in, take..

By: Kendal Austin January 17, 2017

What We Learned from Restaurants Using Toast POS in 2016

Industry News & Trends

In my two years at Toast, I continue to be in awe of our customers. Restaurant operators are their own breed of..

By: Kendal Austin January 13, 2017

8 Ways Your Staff is Stealing From Your Restaurant Right Now

Restaurant Management

Is your restaurant staff stealing from you right under your nose?

It's tough to deal with the reality of employee..