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David Scott Peters

David Scott Peters is a restaurant expert, speaker, coach, and trainer for independent restaurant owners, helping them remain competitive and profitable in an industry boxed in by the big chain restaurants. Download a free report to discover the #1 secret to lowering food and labor costs and running the independent restaurant you’ve always dreamed of, and visit to learn more.
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By: David Scott Peters March 14, 2018

7 Systems That Help You Stick to Restaurant Best Practices

Restaurant Management

True restaurant professionals realize they were blessed with the gift to create lasting memories in their guests’..

5 minute read
By: David Scott Peters November 26, 2017

4 Ways to Increase Your Restaurant Lunch Sales

Restaurant Marketing

Increasing lunch sales is key to greater profitability in restaurants.

6 minute read
By: David Scott Peters September 27, 2016

Restaurant Service Standards: 4 Ways to Get the Best From Your Staff

Restaurant Management  |  Restaurant Training & Hiring

You play a very important role in your restaurant - a role no one else can play. That’s the role of the owner.


3 minute read
By: David Scott Peters June 30, 2016

3 Smart Ways to Lower Restaurant Labor Costs This Year

Restaurant Management

Labor is a major area where restaurants can bleed profits. Why? When the clock ticks, you owe money!

When you think..

3 minute read
By: David Scott Peters March 30, 2016

The Impact of Automatic Gratuity on Your Restaurant

Restaurant Management

It has been normal everyday policy and procedure in the restaurant business to publish in your menu that for any..

3 minute read