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60+ Restaurant Industry Statistics for Restaurant Owners in 2018

Are you caught up with the latest facts and figures in the dining world? In this blog, we:

  • Highlight stats in restaurant technology, sales, payment, and more.
  • Bring these statistics to life in a new video.
  • Reveal new findings in Toast’s newest Restaurant Industry Report.


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The 5 Real Reasons You're Losing Restaurant Staff

Employee turnover is at 73% in the restaurant industry. In this post, we will:

  • Explain how to write an all-star restaurant employee handbook.
  • Set clear expectations for new hires.
  • Connect you with a free handbook template to use yourself.


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5 Essentials for Your 2018 Restaurant Marketing Plan

How will you reach new customers this year? This blog post covers:

  • Ways to reach customers online with social media and search ads.
  • Reaching customers at events and in the mail.
  • Engaging new faces with video marketing.


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5 Restaurant Technology Trends + Predictions for 2018 [Infographic]

Restaurants and their guests don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to restaurant tech. Here, we:

  • Identify the gaps between restaurants and diners when it comes to online ordering, reservations, and more.
  • Point out where these two groups share common ground.
  • Connect to additional findings in our Restaurant Technology in 2017 Industry Report.


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7 Restaurant Metrics and How to Calculate Them

Most restaurant owners are math majors. We get that. To help, we:

  • Lay out the 7 key performance metrics to know in a restaurant.
  • Present easy ways to calculate and understand these numbers.
  • Introduce you to a free restaurant metrics calculator


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Allie Tetreault

Allie Tetreault is the Content Strategist for Toast. When she's not managing the Toast Restaurant Management blog and creating valuable resources for restaurateurs, she's belting in an a cappella group and toiling over new recipes in the kitchen. Her favorite foods are sushi and pasta -- but not together!
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