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AJ Beltis

AJ Beltis is a Content Marketing Specialist for Toast. His first job in the restaurant industry was at a local pizzeria that kept him around through high school and college. When he's not writing about tips and trends for restaurateurs, he's probably watching TV or one of his favorite movies for the 50th time. He loves to travel and experience all the different kinds of toast the world has to offer.
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By: AJ Beltis January 6, 2017

National Food Holidays in 2017: Marketing Calendar for Restaurants

Restaurant Marketing

With 2017 comes a new year and a new opportunity to impress your guests every single day.

We all know about New..

By: AJ Beltis December 23, 2016

20 Customer Appreciation Ideas For Your Restaurant

Restaurant Marketing

How does your restaurant show appreciation to customers?

By: AJ Beltis December 16, 2016

Why a Retail POS System is a No Good, Very Bad Idea for Restaurants

Restaurant Technology

Thinking of upgrading your POS system? Choose wisely, or you could make one of the worst investments of your career.

By: AJ Beltis December 12, 2016

How to Run Joyful Restaurant Promotions This Holiday Season

Restaurant Management  |  Industry News & Trends  |  Restaurant Marketing

During this special time of year, everyone gets together and celebrates the abundance of deals and promotions..

By: AJ Beltis November 30, 2016

What Keeps You Up at Night? How to Deal With the Stress of Running a Restaurant

Restaurant Management

What keeps you up at night?

This is a complicated question - especially when asked to someone working in a..