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60+ Restaurant Industry Statistics for Restaurant Owners in 2018

Are you caught up with the latest facts and figures in the dining world? In this blog, we:

  • Highlight stats in restaurant technology, sales, payment, and more.
  • Bring these statistics to life in a new video.
  • Reveal new findings in Toast’s newest Restaurant Industry Report.


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The 5 Real Reasons You're Losing Restaurant Staff

Employee turnover is at 73% in the restaurant industry. In this post, we will:

  • Explain how to write an all-star restaurant employee handbook.
  • Set clear expectations for new hires.
  • Connect you with a free handbook template to use yourself.


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5 Essentials for Your 2018 Restaurant Marketing Plan

How will you reach new customers this year? This blog post covers:

  • Ways to reach customers online with social media and search ads.
  • Reaching customers at events and in the mail.
  • Engaging new faces with video marketing.


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5 Restaurant Technology Trends + Predictions for 2018 [Infographic]

Restaurants and their guests don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to restaurant tech. Here, we:

  • Identify the gaps between restaurants and diners when it comes to online ordering, reservations, and more.
  • Point out where these two groups share common ground.
  • Connect to additional findings in our Restaurant Technology in 2017 Industry Report.


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7 Restaurant Metrics and How to Calculate Them

Most restaurant owners are math majors. We get that. To help, we:

  • Lay out the 7 key performance metrics to know in a restaurant.
  • Present easy ways to calculate and understand these numbers.
  • Introduce you to a free restaurant metrics calculator


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Shift Happens: 3 Ways to Overcome Top Shift Scheduling Challenges

National Food Holidays in 2018: Marketing Calendar for Restaurants

The Top 10 Toast Blog Posts in 2017 (+ Our BIG Plans for 2018!)

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Restaurant Order Taking Apps: 5 Ways to Improve Your Operations

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How to Write Amazing Menu Descriptions: 4 Quick Fixes

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Restaurant Cost of Good Sold Calculator: How to Calculate COGS

Restaurant Advertising: 10 Creative Ideas for Your Restaurant Ads

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The POS Equipment Buyer’s Guide for 6 Specific Restaurant Types

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Music in Restaurants: What Music Selection Should You Go With?

Soft Skills Training: 4 Soft Skills Required to Work in a Restaurant

Everything Restaurants Need to Know About IRS Tip Reporting

We Need to Talk About Restaurant Managers Quitting

Restaurant Specials Ideas: Discounts and Promotions You Can Offer

5 Ways to Unlock the Hidden Power of the Restaurant Receipt

4 Restaurant Kitchen Organization Tools You Need ASAP

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Will the Real Restaurant Leader Please Stand Up?

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A Guide to WOTC in Restaurants and How it Can Save You Thousands

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5 Restaurant Management Tips We Learned From Deena Marlette [Podcast]

Fast Food Industry Trends: What's Next for Fast Food in 2018?

What Restaurateurs Can Learn From Nashville Chefs

Can Casual Dining Chains Be Brought Back From the Dead?

3 Hard Truths Restaurant Managers Need to Hear Today

Server Side Work Checklist: Why You Need One & How to Use It

The Magic of Credit Card-Linked Restaurant Loyalty Programs

What is a Line Cook (And What Makes a Great One)

15 Licenses and Permits Needed to Open a Restaurant

Why Employees Love Open-Book Management in Restaurants

The Next Steps: Opening a Second (or 100th) Restaurant Location

Calculate Your Restaurant Turnover Rate [Free Calculator & Guide]

Should Bartenders Drink on the Job? 4 Reasons Why the Answer's No

Restaurant Scheduling Advice: Making the Most of Your Staff

A Guide to Menu Costing: The Real Food Cost Killers

Restaurant Table Designs: Which is Best for Your Restaurant?

POS Systems for Bars and Nightclubs: 10 Must-Have Features

4 Easy Ways to Find Great Candidates For Your Restaurant Jobs

What is Bottle Service? Difference Between Bottle Service and Table Service

Server Duties: 20 Waiter and Waitress Duties and Responsibilities

Online Restaurant Marketing Ideas: From Beginner to Expert

Nashville Speaks Out: What Restaurant Employees Really Have to Say

These 3 Restaurants Have the Greatest Staff, Decor, and Use of Tech

Inventory Costing Methods for Restaurants: FIFO vs. LIFO vs. WAC

7 Creative Ways to Use a Restaurant Manager's Daily Log Book

What is a POS Purchase? Answering All Of Your POS Questions

24 Restaurant Struggles and Joys Explained With Michael Scott GIFs

3 Business-Saving Tips For Restaurant Owners

5 Ways to Show Your Restaurant Staff You Appreciate Them

What All Restaurants Can Learn From the Popularity of Tapas

4 Refreshing Beer Trends for Brewery, Bar, and Restaurant Owners

Tech Transition: 3 POS Adoption Hurdles & How to Leap Over Them

City Spotlight: Why New Orleans' Restaurant Community Is So Unique

5 Ways to Craft a Unique Restaurant Experience

How to Write a Restaurant Manager Resume [Free 2018 Template]

How to Prepare a Restaurant SWOT Analysis

This One Tool Actually Helps You Balance Your Restaurant Budget

7 Restaurant Grand Opening Ideas That Actually Work

The 12 Worst Mistakes When Marketing for Restaurants

How to Accommodate Paleo, Keto, and Other Diets in Restaurants

The One Thing Sweetgreen, Shake Shack, and FoMu Have in Common

The 6 Things I Miss Most About Working in a Restaurant

These 7 Restaurants Are Giving Back in the Most Unbelievable Ways

Chill Out: 8 Ice Cream Facts For Restaurant Owners

27 Creative & Cool Restaurant Names

5 Chef Tips We Learned From Chris Hill on The Garnish Podcast

The 5 Real Reasons Your Restaurant Traffic is Dipping

5 Restaurant Finance Tips You Should Really Be Familiar With

How to Benefit From the Restaurant Farm-to-Table Movement

This is How You Actually Break Bad Habits in Your Restaurant

Don't Get Wasted! The 7 Deadly Sins of Beer Pouring in Bars

5 Examples of Killer Bar Menu Design Ideas

13 Reasons Why a Restaurant POS Terminal is Worth the Investment

The Secret to Avoiding the Restaurant Summer Slowdown Season

9 Restaurant Floor Plan Examples & Ideas for Your Restaurant Layout

7 Companies That Are Canning Restaurant Food Waste

What is Time and a Half, and When Does it Apply in Restaurants?

How to Value a Restaurant Business

5 Lessons Everyone Who Has Worked in a Restaurant For a Year Has Learned

Drink Menu Hacks: 5 Drink Menu Design Tips for Bars & Restaurants

Here's How These 7 People Got Their First Job in a Restaurant

The 9 Most Important Features You Need From a POS Cash Register

3 Reasons Why You Must Update Your Restaurant Menu

7 Proven Tactics for Driving Your Restaurant Online Order Sales

5 Restaurant Cleaning Tips You Can't Ignore Anymore

Are Restaurant Cash Drawers Becoming Obsolete?

The Pros and Cons of Restaurant Pay-at-the-Table Technology

28 Chef Quotes to Fuel Your Culinary Fire

Why Restaurant Yelp Reviews are Garbage

How Much Should Restaurants Pay Employees?

Yes, You Really Do Need Restaurant Standard Operating Procedures

Here's Why The Number of Restaurants in San Francisco is Shrinking

Make Your Restaurant a Summer Restaurant With These 9 Event Ideas

Restaurant Week Ideas: Love It or Hate It, You 100% Need It

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What All Restaurants Should Learn from Dig Inn’s Success in Boston

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The True Value of Handheld POS Systems in Restaurants

How to Close the Restaurant Payroll Gap Caused By Buddy Punching

7 Wild 'N Crazy Restaurant Food Challenges

How a Kitchen Display System DOUBLED Sales for These Restaurants

Food Cost Formula: How to Calculate Food Cost Percentage

10 Things I Hate About Working at a Restaurant

10 Facts and Statistics About The Fast Food Industry

5 American Dining Trends Spreading Across Europe (and the World!)

The 6 Biggest Flaws in Your Restaurant Marketing Plan

4 Restaurant Budget Tips to Save You From Restaurant Failure

10 Famous New Orleans Chefs Changing the Restaurant Industry

5 Big Changes the Restaurant Industry Has Seen in the Last 40 Years

How to Get a Michelin Star

The 5 Worst Habits of a Bad Restaurant Manager

The Best Restaurant Review Sites to Get Listed On

5 Reasons Your Staff Hates Online Delivery Orders (& How to Fix It)

How to Find The Best Restaurant Consultant

Top 5 Austin Food Bloggers Your Restaurant Should Follow

Get Schooled: Is Culinary School Worth It?

How to Build a First-Class Restaurant Communication Plan

Menu Analysis: 5 Reasons to Actually Analyze Your Restaurant Menu

Here's Everything Missing From Your Restaurant Closing Checklist

The 14 Coolest Restaurant Logos

The Future of Restaurant Payment Technology

Be Legendary! How to Use Apple Maps for Your Restaurant

450 Restaurants Reveal Their Plan For Restaurant Success in 2017

10 Examples of Awesome Restaurant Social Media Marketing

3 Lessons Restaurants Can Learn From the Decline of Chipotle

5 Coffee Trends to Keep the Buzz Going

55 Little-Known Fun Facts About the Restaurant Industry

4 Methods For Preventing Dine and Dash in Your Restaurant

7 Effective Restaurant Contest Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Are Digital Menu Boards Right For Your Restaurant? Let's Discuss.

How to Get Your Restaurant Reviewed by Bloggers & Critics

An Interview with Restaurant Data King Damian Mogavero

What is a Z Report? Your Restaurant End-of-Day Cheat Sheet

What Do Restaurant Employees Really Think of Restaurant Owners?

20 Restaurant TV Shows to Binge Watch This Weekend

Could Instagram Be the Next Reservation System for Restaurants?

75 Unique Restaurant Ideas to Create an Unforgettable Concept

2018 Pizza Trends: Square Pizza, Fast Casual, Thin Crust & More

20 Examples of Jaw-Dropping Bar Designs and Setups

Restaurant Tax Guide: Last-Minute Restaurant Tax Tips & Advice

Your Guide to Owning and Buying a Restaurant Franchise

Restaurant Menu Layout Ideas: 3 Great Examples from Real Menus

What Does Omnichannel Mean to Me as a Restaurateur?

3 Ways Restaurants Can Bridge the Front- and Back-of-House Wage Gap

The 5 Real Reasons Your Restaurant is Losing Money

10 Relatable Restaurant Memes That Scream "This Is My Life"

10 Tips to Make More Money as a Restaurant Server

5 Ways Restaurants Can Effectively Market to College Students

5 Awesome Benefits of a Restaurant Employee Management System

5 Restaurant Teamwork Myths Busted

Why (and How) Restaurants Are Upgrading Their Technology

Where Do You Stand on These 13 Regional Food Names?

The 7 Best Restaurant Magazines to Subscribe to (Or Just Peruse)

3 Action Items to Help You Survive the Restaurant Recession

A Guide to Restaurant Colors and Why They're Essential to Design

12 Social Media Tools for the Tech-Savvy Restaurateur

How to Retain Employees in a Restaurant: 4 Proven Tips

The 8 Most Important Types of Technology Used in a Restaurant

Using Customer Feedback to Improve Front of House Operations

What is the Average Restaurant Profit Margin?

4 Things You Absolutely Must Do Before Hiring a Restaurant Chef

7 Tasty Food Photography Tips & Tricks for Restaurants

What Fast Food Kiosks Mean for the Future of the Fast Food Industry

3 Suggestive Selling Techniques in Restaurants

A Brief History Lesson on the James Beard Awards for Restaurants

How to Beef Up Your Restaurant Resume: 4 Ways to an Interview

Amazon Go Technology Could Make It Legal (and Profitable) to "Dine & Dash"

Restaurant Vending Machines: Passing Craze or Here to Stay?

4 Tips for Taking Your Restaurant Social Media Game Higher

15 Tips for Getting Your Restaurant Started With Facebook Ads

Here's What Restaurants Need to Know About the Immigration Debate

Restaurant Server Training Tips, Techniques, and Best Practices

3 Ways to Improve Efficiency in Your Restaurant Dining Room

Restaurant Data: The Role of Big Data in the Hospitality Industry

How to Start a Coffee Shop: Your Checklist and Resource Guide

Your Beginner's Guide to Technical Restaurant SEO

The Split Shift: Your Restaurant's Secret Weapon for Scheduling

9 Successful Family-Owned Restaurant Brands That Became Food Empires

Why Your Restaurant Handbook is a Complete Dud

10 Restaurant Promotion Ideas You Wish You Had Thought Of Earlier

How Wendy's Twitter Gained 300,000+ Followers By Roasting Users

7 Food Delivery Trends That Scream "Start Delivering!"

How to Make a Restaurant Menu From Scratch: 10 Steps

What is PCI Compliance? Making Sure Your Restaurant is Compliant

How to Build a Food Truck: 6 Proven Food Truck Design Tips

The 35 Best Chefs & Restaurant Experts to Follow in 2017

What We Learned from Restaurants Using Toast POS in 2016

The 5 Factors That Cause Problems for Every Restaurant Team

The Top 7 Restaurant Tech Predictions for 2017

8 Ways Your Staff is Stealing From Your Restaurant Right Now

Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Restaurants Get People Talking

7 Hacks for Beautiful Food Presentation in Your Restaurant

The Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Accounting

5 Restaurant Expenses to Understand When Opening a Restaurant

Foodie Culture in 2017: What Restaurants Should Expect

New Year, New Challenges: 4 Changes Impacting Restaurants in 2017

5 Ways to Thank Your Staff for Working New Year's Eve (or Day)

The 10 Best Toast Posts of 2016 (+ Our Big Plans for 2017!)

Restaurant Expansion Strategy: Guide for How to Expand 

4 Restaurant Tech Features Guests Want in 2017

2 Restaurant Systems That Will Make Your Employees Love You

3 Strategies for Restaurant Guest Feedback That Actually Work

How to Build Successful Restaurant Apps for Your Customers

Why a Retail POS System for Restaurants is a No Good, Very Bad Idea

What is a Pop-Up Restaurant? 20+ Tips, Strategies, and Examples

Christmas in Restaurants: Running Joyful Restaurant Promotions

4 Restaurants That Are Rockin' Employee Retention

Food Trends in 2017 Your Restaurant Needs to Watch

5 Ways to Stop Theft With Smarter Restaurant Cash Management

3 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Plan Isn't Working

The 6 Best Methods for Restaurant Revenue Management

How to Come Up With New Restaurant Menu Ideas

How to Communicate Effectively in Your Restaurant: 7 Suggestions

What Keeps Restaurant Owners Up at Night?

Restaurant Lingo: A Guide to Restaurant Slang, Terms

The Glossary of Restaurant Inventory Management Terms to Know

Meatless Monday Ideas for Restaurants: 5 Reasons Why It's a Cash Cow

The Ultimate Checklist for Following the Restaurant Health Code

5 Waiter and Waitress Laws Every Restaurateur Should Understand

Culinary Crisis: The Reason for the Restaurant Chef Shortage

3 CyberSecurity Tips for Restaurants: Keeping Your Data Secure

Break Even Analysis: How to Calculate Break Even Point for a Restaurant

Food Truck Marketing 101: A Recipe for Success [Infographic]

These Are The Top 10 Best Food Cities in America in 2016

The 10 Essential Restaurant Kitchen Equipment List

Trashing Your Restaurant Menu? The Dawn of Ugly Fruit & Trash Fish

8 Key Details to Remember in Restaurant Management [Infographic]

Inventory Nightmares: 7 Real-Life Restaurant Horror Stories

How to Use Restaurant Review Sites to Make Your Menu Stand Out

Bar Inventory Basics: How to Do Liquor Inventory

9 Women Chefs & Restaurateurs Shaping the Food and Beverage Industry

2017 Beverage Industry Trends With Beer Prodigy Neil Quigley

Halloween for Restaurants: 5 Scarily Simple Marketing Ideas

Inventory Insights: Why a Restaurant Inventory Sheet Isn't Enough

Restaurant Planning: How to Develop Strategic, Data-Driven Goals

5 Ways To Breed Customer Loyalty With Restaurant Loyalty Programs

3 Ways to Market to Diners Who Use Restaurant Delivery Apps

Improving Restaurant Brands: 3 Lessons from Wolfgang Puck

How to Get a Liquor License (+ 2 Other Bar Licenses You'll Need)

Restaurant Marketing Secrets: The Shakes that Broke Instagram

3 Reasons Your Restaurant Employee Schedule is Costing You Money

Toast Top 5: Restaurant Industry News Wrap-Up for September 2016

8 Tips for Self-Care in the Hustle & Bustle of the Restaurant Industry

Addressing Your Restaurant's Wage and Hour Claims

Restaurant Seasonality: How to Plan for Year-Round Success

Restaurant Service Standards: 4 Ways to Get the Best From Your Staff

What Is Mobile Payment? (And Why Your Restaurant Should Care)

Game On: Using Restaurant Employee Gamification to Retain Staff

The 4 Most Important Hospitality Skills You Will Need By 2020

The State of the Full Service Restaurant Industry [Infographic]

The 5-Step Process of Hosting A Restaurant Party

5 Tips for Executing the Perfect Restaurant Social Media Strategy

The Importance of Restaurant Food Safety: 3 Alarming Case Studies

4 Restaurant Technologies Millennials Want in Your Restaurant

7 Outstanding Resources for Better Restaurant Management Training

The Top 10 Restaurant Management Blogs for Restaurateurs

Hire the Best: Creating Value-Driven Restaurant Job Descriptions

5 Food and Beverage Industry Trends Every Restaurant Should Know

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