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5 Restaurant Technology Trends in 2017 + Predictions for 2018 [Infographic]

Posted by Erin Burris on 10/31/17 5:00 PM in Restaurant Technology, Industry News & Trends

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On Monday, Toast unleashed the 2017 Restaurant Technology Industry Report.

In the report, we unveil the findings from our most extensive research to date. 2,200+ diners and restaurateurs weighed in on the most pressing restaurant technology trends like online ordering, reservations, and POS hardware. 

Haven't had the chance to read it? No worries. Watch below for some of the key findings.  


Or, you can read on for five of the biggest takeaways for restaurateurs in this new infographic covering 2017's biggest technology trends in the restaurant industry. 


Download the full report here.

What's Next?

Experts predict 2018 technology trends in the restaurant industry.

We asked restaurant industry experts how they see restaurant technology changing in 2017 and what's next in 2018. Here's what they had to say.

jaffee.jpgAndrew Jaffee, The Rail Media CEO

"Looking forward to 2018, it’s going to be the dominance of mobile again… but specifically mobile payment. With Starbucks' example of successful mobile ordering and payment, all the other chains are building it into their roadmaps for 2018 and beyond. Accepting mobile payment will become standard operating procedure in almost every retail venue and restaurants are going to keep up."

7shiftsceo.pngJordan Boesch , 7shifts CEO

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"In 2017, a lot of savvy restaurant managers understood that an online scheduling and labor tool is important, but the really savvy ones have already checked off that box and are looking at engagement and retention. The fact is, it costs a restaurant operator $2,000+ whenever an employee quits. I believe a major game-changer in 2018 will be tech that puts an emphasis on employee happiness and engagement by creating a better feedback loop for shift management."

Emily_Headshot copy.png

Emily Tatti, Typsy Content Marketing Manager

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"Companies like Google and KFC have spent 2017 exploring how VR can be used in restaurant training, and we see that developing in 2018. For smaller restaurants, we see a demand for online training increasing significantly, because the industry is reaching a crisis point when it comes to skill shortages and staff turnover. We think more and more restaurants will search for technological solutions to this."

Mike-Vichich-859768-edited copy.pngMike Vichich, Wisely Co-Founder & CEO

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"Restaurants understood the potential of tech years ago. In 2017, however, it became clear that integrated systems and data made it possible to deliver a better guest experience and squeeze extra productivity out of staff and technology."


dsp.pngDavid Scott Peters, The Restaurant Expert

Read David's Posts on the Toast Restaurant Management Blog

"As technology gets less expensive and more systems talk with each other, software will get smarter and not only provide analytics, it will automatically tell the restaurant owner where the problems are and what they need to fix."

Want more insight into what your guests want and what other restaurants are doing in 2017?
Download the Restaurant Technology in 2017 Industry Report below.


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Written by: Erin Burris

Erin Burris is the Marketing Designer at Toast. She lives in a world of pixel dimensions, hex color values, and typography. When she’s not in Adobe Creative Suite designing graphics and building color palettes, she’s most likely watching travel vloggers and baking tutorials on YouTube, inspired to capture adventures and experiment with new recipes on her own.

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